Pregnant Wife Gifts Husband Lamborghini In Advance For Taking Care Of Her After Delivery

She said the brand new turquoise-coloured Lamborghini Huracán is worth RM2 million.

Cover image via @ayunieso24 (TikTok)

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An expectant mother has prepared for the challenges ahead of delivering her firstborn by first gifting her husband a Lamborghini worth RM2 million

19-year-old entrepreneur Anes Ayuni Osman surprised her husband at a car dealership in Kuala Lumpur last week, where she presented him with a brand new turquoise-coloured Lamborghini Huracán.

The young mum-to-be posted the surprise video on TikTok, sharing with her close to 600,000 followers that she wanted to show appreciation for her husband in advance of the care and attention he will give her after she delivers.

In the video, Ayuni blindfolds her husband with a face mask before revealing the luxury gift that was wrapped up in a giant red bow.

Her husband, 20-year-old Weldan Zulkefli, is then reduced to tears and hugs his wife to thank her. Ayuni also becomes emotional as she thanks him for taking good care of her during the pregnancy.

Ayuni anticipated that it will not be easy for her to buy her husband a gift after she gives birth and decided to do it ahead of time

She told mStar that they will be going back to her family home in Pasir Mas, Kelantan to observe her 100-day confinement period after the delivery that is scheduled at the end of March.

"According to my family’s tradition in Kelantan, the period is 100 days so that's three months of my husband having to be in the kampung with me at my parents' home," she said.

She added that she also expects the best from her husband during the postpartum period, which will probably be difficult for the both of them

"I'm expecting my husband to not only be with me all the time but he has to care for the baby day and night because there's a huge possibility I will be having a Caesarean birth," she said.

"Mums out there will know how painful a C-section is, so I will want more attention from him."

Watch Ayuni's surprise video here:


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