Guy Shares How He Was Robbed In Broad Daylight At Sunway Pyramid Mall

His backpack was stolen from right under his nose.

Cover image via Daniel Muk/Facebook

A viral Facebook post by a victim of a brazen and broad daylight robbery at Sunway Pyramid Mall is cautioning Malaysians about the certain syndicates that are targeting unsuspecting mall-goers

The incident happened at about 5pm, Friday, 2 February, when the victim was at a money exchange shop in Sunway Pyramid Mall

According to his Facebook post, he was at the money exchange shop on LG2 to collect his foreign currency for a trip he was planning.

After getting the currency exchanged, he wrote that he put the cash in his backpack, and decided to run other errands while he was at the mall.

While he was walking around, someone rubbed white cream all over him.

"The cream was white and stained my shirt, jeans, and backpack. Some of it even got on my arm. I decided to wash it all off because I had no clue what this thing was. I headed over to the nearest washroom."

While trying to wipe off the cream at the washroom, he said that he took off his backpack and placed it on the floor beside the sink.

He admits, in hindsight, that taking off his backpack was a mistake.

He writes that as he was reaching to grab tissues, a foreigner came up to him, offering to help him clean up the mess.

While he politely refused the offer, the foreigner still got in his way, insisting on helping him and started pulling out tissues.

It was at this point that he noticed a couple of men trying to rush out of the washroom through the space between him and his backpack.

"I glanced over to the corner where I had placed my backpack seconds ago, only to realise that it was no longer there," he writes, adding that while he chased after them, once outside the washroom, they were nowhere to be found.

"I was pretty sure they had my bag because I saw them hugging it while running into the mall. When I realised that finding my bag was a lost cause, I rushed back to the toilet only to find that the foreigner who had offered to help me clean up was also gone. There was literally no way for me to hunt down these men."

He says that while security at Sunway Pyramid were trying to help, there wasn't any CCTV near the washroom that captured the events

In the Facebook post, he writes that he is frustrated with himself over the fact that he got played right into their hands despite noticing the strange signs all along.

"Besides the money, I also lost many important things that were in my backpack along with my laptop and debate notes," the post read.

Ending his FB post, he writes that they made him feel cornered and helpless as it all happened so fast, you should be "alert at all times"

Speaking of syndicates, Malaysians are being warned about scammers taking advantage of QR codes to steal data and money:

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