Haidilao Offers Up To RM4,300 In Salary For Jobs That Come With Free Food & Accommodation

Some netizens said the salary offered by Haidilao Malaysia is even higher than what they make at an office job.

Cover image via Sunway Hotels & Burnaby Now

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Netizens are stunned to find that Haidilao Malaysia pays up to RM4,300 for jobs at the hot pot restaurant chain and provides attractive benefits to their employees

In a Facebook post on 2 June, Haidilao Malaysia shared several job openings at their Zenith Mall, Johor Bahru outlet.

They are currently hiring lobby staff, kitchen staff, and night shift staff.

Lobby and kitchen staff with an eight-hour shift will be paid RM3,300 and RM3,000 per month, respectively.

Meanwhile, lobby and kitchen staff with a 10-hour shift will be paid RM4,300 and RM3,900 per month, respectively.

The lobby staff include manicurists, noodle makers, and ushers.

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The monthly fixed salary is not inclusive of overtime pay and midnight shift allowance, among other benefits

The post revealed that employees will also enjoy longevity pay, staff discount, birthday allowance, medical benefits, as well as contributions to Employees Provident Fund (EPF), Social Security Organisation (SOCSO), and Employment Insurance System (EIS).

Many netizens noted that free staff meals and free accommodation or accommodation allowance are two of the highlights among the plethora of employee benefits.

If an employee has perfect attendance, they will receive a bonus. There is also a RM1,000 reward whenever a current employee refers someone to the job.

At the time of writing, the vacancy post has gone viral with over 1,400 likes and 2,200 shares

Thousands of netizens were amazed by the high salary that the hot pot restaurant chain is willing to pay their employees.

It is worthy to note that the minimum wage in Malaysia is RM1,500.

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"Do we need to sing the Happy Birthday song during the interview?" a Facebook user asked in jest, referring to how their staff sing the song to customers celebrating their birthdays at the hot pot restaurants.

"What's the point of being an engineer and studying finance?" a person wrote, tagging their friend.

"The young boys working at Haidilao have a better life than us," read a comment, while another netizen added, "The salary is more than what an ordinary office worker like me makes, so sad."

Image via Facebook

You can find the vacancy post below:

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