Hairdresser Who Lost RM46K Said Police & Bank Failed To Resolve His Case After 6 Months

The victim claimed that he was treated poorly by the police and felt like they were treating him as if he was the culprit.

Cover image via Sin Chew Daily

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RM46,200 was stolen and withdrawn from a hairstylist's bank account in March

At a press conference held on Monday, 19 September, the victim, only known as Mr Tan, stated that on 11 March, he attempted to do an online transaction to a friend's bank account but failed to log into his online banking profile, reported Oriental Daily.

He proceeded to contact his bank's customer service on 12 March and was told that online transactions could not be done until 13 March.

"When I was finally able to check my account, I discovered that RM46,000 had been transferred out of my account through five separate transactions to five separate accounts," Mr Tan said.

He added that the accounts to which his money was transferred were not known and he did not receive any Transaction Activation Code (TAC) from his bank that could have approved any of the transactions.

Image via Sin Chew Daily

Mr Tan filed five reports to multiple bank branches and the police department, but his efforts were futile

He stated that after learning he had been robbed, he went to one of the bank's branches in Alor Setar, where he now resides. He was then transferred to the headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

Mr Tan proceeded to report the case to the National Bank in Penang but was told that they could only supervise the case behind the scenes and could not interfere with the victim's bank's investigation.

He also filed police reports, but he claimed that the officers were unkind to him and he felt like the police suspected that he was the perpetrator in this case, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Mr Tan stated that the investigation had been ongoing for six months and that even though all relevant information had been turned over to the police and banks, his case was still unresolved.

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