Woman Demands Responsibility From Banks After RM11.6K Disappears From Account

The woman has made reports to Public Bank and the recipient's bank, Hong Leong Bank, but both banks have allegedly not taken any action to resolve the matter.

Cover image via Lily Natty Elegance (Facebook) & Emil Kalibradov/Unsplash

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On 20 August, a woman shared on Facebook that a huge sum of money had been transferred from her business current account to someone else's bank account without her permission

The woman, Lily Natty Elegance, said in the post that RM11,668.16 had disappeared from her account in Public Bank within a couple of seconds after two transactions were made, leaving the account with RM0.

Both transactions of RM5,834.08 each were done on 26 July 2022, according to a receipt posted by Lily.

The businesswoman claimed that she had not received any Transaction Activation Code (TAC), SMS, or call, from the bank prior to the transactions.

"I've lost my trust in them (the bank). They didn't cooperate at all, as if I was the one who gave the TAC (to a third party)," she said in the post.

The founder of Ageless Haven Resources also made clear that she did not download any suspicious apps, considering that it is one of the tactics that scammers nowadays use to hack into people's online banking.

Lily has lodged reports with the police and the banks involved. However, the responses she has received have been unsatisfactory.

"They interrogated me like I was the one who wanted to scam them," lamented Lily.

She added that upon investigation, Public Bank confirmed that her bank account was indeed hacked through her handphone by a scammer to transfer the money to a Hong Leong Bank account.

Lily also claimed that Public Bank then advised her to change her Internet banking password, stop using Internet banking, and resort to transactions over the counter instead.

"What a reply?!" she exclaimed in the Facebook post.

A day later, on 21 August, Lily shared an update on the response she received from the police

According to the update, she was told by the police that they are waiting for the investigating officer (IO) to return from a course.

"So what should I do? Can I delay paying my staff's salary, and the electric bills?"

In another update, Lily shared that the person behind the recipient's account had reached out to her, claiming that he no longer uses the account since two months ago

At about 1.43pm on Monday, Lily posted on Facebook, saying how shocked she was to receive a message from the person who owns the Hong Leong Bank account, the account where Lily's money was siphoned to. 

It was understood that the man had lodged a police report as soon as he noticed Lily's Facebook post.

According to a photo of the police report, he had not been using the bank account since he lost the card two months ago.  

The man had also agreed to give full cooperation to solve this matter and clear his name.

SAYS has reached out to Public Bank and Hong Leong Bank but they have yet to respond to a request for a statement on this matter.

A woman from Petaling Jaya had her money disappear without receiving any TAC as well:

In June, a Malaysian software developer shared how hackers can siphon money out of Android phone users through bypassing SMS verification without them realising:

Scammers are trickier nowadays as they could pretend to be the authorities to hack into your online banking:

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