WWF-Malaysia Gives Animal-Lovers The Chance To "Adopt" A Panda Or Sun Bear This Christmas

A symbolic adoption totally makes a better gift than just another teddy bear.

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Christmas is coming! :D But before you and relax and enjoy this festive season, you're gonna have to deal with one thing first: Christmas shopping

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Figuring out what to give your family, friends, coworkers and random acquaintances is already bad enough. Then you have to brave crowded AF shopping malls to actually get those presents pulak. Why can't Santa be real lah?

How about killing two birds with one stone this year? Take the stress out of Christmas shopping AND get a present that will make both you and the person receiving it feel great.

You can't go wrong with WWF-Malaysia's 'Beary Christmas' promo. It will make for an adorable and totally meaningful present, there's no way that anyone could possibly hate it.

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This Christmas, WWF-Malaysia is giving you the gift of an opportunity to symbolically adopt either a Panda or Sun Bear (or why not even both?)

If you do, your contribution will go towards helping WWF-Malaysia continue their urgent efforts to conserve wildlife in their natural habitats. You'll also receive a Special Edition Beary Pack as their thank you gift to you, just in time for Christmas. Just look at how cute it is! :)

Left: Panda Special Edition Beary Pack. Right: Sun Bear Special Edition Beary Pack.

Image via WWF-Malaysia

The coolest thing in the gift packs has to be the blank papier mache bears that you can paint and decorate any way you like. You could try to make it as realistic as possible or go for something totally whimsical, all up to your own creativity.

Image via WWF-Malaysia

The 'Beary Christmas' promo is running from now until 25 November 2016. Click here for more info and/or to start the symbolic adoption process.

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Make a difference this Christmas! :)

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