Here's What People Are Saying About The Public Caning Of The Terengganu Lesbians

"Women get caned like barbarians for attempting to have sex in car yet pedophiles get to profess their love for minors and are unharmed."

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Two women were found guilty of attempting to have lesbian sex in a car and were publicly caned in front of some 100 people in Terengganu yesterday, 3 September

Both women received the maximum number of canes, which were six each and fined a total of RM6,600. 

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This was the first public caning in Malaysia involving LGBTQ 'crimes'

The Muslim Lawyers Association (PPMM) stated that the punishment wasn't carried out to humiliate or hurt the women. Instead, they stressed that it was intended to educate them and the public.

NGOs such as Justice In Islam and Sisters In Islam have criticised the move, calling it a violation of human rights.

The matter has sparked international outrage, putting Malaysia under the spotlight for yet another controversial incident

Imagine Dragon's lead vocalist Dan Reynolds stated his concerns about how bigotry, sexism, homophobia, and racism are still big problems today, joining many others who have voiced their concerns over the “cruel punishment”.

Actor Dirk Blocker from the hit TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine has called for the boycott of Malaysian products following the incident

Malaysian activists, celebrities, as well as educators tweeted their thoughts on the "cruel punishment"

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Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa, a Muslim activist condemned the public caning of the two Terengganu women, calling it a sign that Malaysia is "regressing to the Middle Ages" and said that we should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing such a humiliating treatment, as reported by Free Malaysia Today.

Quite a few tweets also referenced pedophiles and how Malaysians who are now disgusted by the LGBTQ community turned a blind eye when a 41-year-old man married an 11-year-old girl.

Charles Santiago, the Incumbent Member of Parliament for Klang said that no one should be publicly caned

Also commenting on the matter, former Youth And Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin stressed that there are other ways to deal with the LGBTQ community

"There are many ways to deal with the issue of LGBTQ. Although it's in the law, it is not necessary to showcase the punishment in front of people," he said.

Although most of the responses were against the act, some actually supported it and called it "normal" and humane

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"The punishment is done. Hopefully, it will open the eyes of the LGBTQ community but what is a punishment gonna change? Will the two women be free to go or be given more punishments? I really hope the two criminals won't be free to go on with their lives just like that."

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, a PAS cleric claimed that public caning will "invite Allah's blessings" to Terengganu

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Malay Mail reported that PAS MP Datuk Khairuddin Aman Razali agrees with the public caning of the two Terengganu women, stating that this Syariah punishment will "invite Allah's blessings" to the state and its people. 

Despite the criticisms, a Terengganu executive councillor (exco) revealed that there will be more public canings in the future

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“From what we can see today, I believe [such sentences] will no longer shock the public,” he reportedly said.

“I was [initially] confused and thought that this was a heavy punishment. From what we saw today, the public would have a more positive picture,” he reportedly said.

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