Hero Student Disarms Rampaging Gunman Who Killed One And Injured Three Others

A lone gunman armed with a shotgun and knife opened fire Thursday in a building at a small Seattle university, fatally wounding one person before a student disarmed the shooter as he tried to reload.

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Police in the American city of Seattle have praised the bravery of a student for disarming a gunmen who had killed one person and wounded three others

26-year-old Jon Meis is being credited with stopping the murderous rampage when the gunman stopped to re-load

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A 26-year-old gunman opened fire at a small, Christian university in Seattle - killing one student and wounding three more with shotgun blasts. And police say he could have killed others if it wasn't for the actions of one heroic student who pepper sprayed the gunman and tackled him to the ground.


The student overcame the gunman on the campus of Seattle Pacific University as he tried to reload, police said. Pepper spray was used to subdue the attacker. Police said the actions of the student, and others who came to his aid, prevented a more serious tragedy.


Seattle Police SWAT officers run toward a campus building after a shooting on the Seattle Pacific University campus on Thursday, June 5, in Seattle.

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"Once on the ground, other students jumped on top of them and subdued the shooter," Police Capt. Chris Fowler told reporters.


The gunman, who was believed to have been acting alone, was arrested. He is reported to have been carrying a shotgun and a handgun and opened fire after walking into the foyer of the university.

Seattle firefighters load a victim into an ambulance near the scene of the shooting.

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Police have identified the suspected gunman in Thursday’s shooting at Seattle Pacific University. Aaron R. Ybarra, 26, has been booked in King County Jail on homicide charges, according to jail records. His bail has been denied.


A man died at Harborview Medical Center. Three other people were admitted to hospital. A critically injured 20-year-old woman was taken to surgery. A 24-year-old man and a 22-year-old man were in satisfactory condition. None of the victims was immediately identified.


Police officers conduct searches on students after a shooting occurred on the Seattle Pacific University campus.

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This latest college shooting spree came less than a fortnight after Elliot Rodger killed six people at Isla Vista, a quiet college town in California

PHOTO: Seattle Pacific University students pray together after the shooting on campus

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University President Daniel J. Martin said he turned on a monitor to view security camera images from Otto Miller Hall after he was alerted to the shooting

Seattle Pacific University students are led out of the crime scene.

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SPU President Daniel Martin told the Seattle Times that the students who overpowered the gunman "acted without regard to their own safety on behalf of others". "We are a community and we care for others," Mr Martin was quoted as saying. "Those that were involved did just that."


Jillian Smith was taking a math test when she learned the campus was on lockdown. She said she kept taking the test until she heard police officers yelling. "After we found out by social media what was going on, people were crying and everything," Smith told CNN affiliate KOMO. Police escorted students out of the building, where she she saw blood on the floor and walls in the foyer.


Students from Seattle Pacific University gather on campus in a prayer circle.

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Blake Oliveria was in a class when he heard the gunshots. He said he removed his shoes in case he had to run but stayed in the classroom until police arrived to escort students out. "I saw blood ... on the ground," he told CNN. "There were two or three big (pools) and some small ones scattered throughout the hallway."


In a statement, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray referred to previous fatal shootings in the city and added:

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray (second from left) hurried to the scene

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"Once again the epidemic of gun violence has come to Seattle, the epidemic of gun violence that is haunting this nation."


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