High-End Supermarket Chain From UK To Expand Overseas For The First Time In Malaysia

The retailer has been around since 1847!

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Booths, a chain of high-end supermarkets from the north of England, has chosen to set up its first international outpost in Malaysia instead of expanding within the UK

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The Telegraph UK reported that the upmarket grocery chain has opted to expand outside of the UK instead of setting up shop in Southern England.

The upmarket grocery chain, which currently has 28 retail stores in Northern England, will be offering 40 of its best-selling products across 19 shops in Malaysia

Dubbed the "Waitrose of the North", Booths is said to be one of Prince Charles' favourite retailers.

According to The Telegraph, the UK retailer's introduction to Malaysia is the result of an agreement between the family-owned retailer with Hong Kong-listed retailer Dairy Farm, who operates Cold Storage, Giant Hypermarkets, and Guardian in Malaysia.

Founded in 1847 as a tea shop in Blackpool, Booths soon grew into becoming the first supermarket chain in the area. Unlike major supermarkets like Tesco, its grocery stores are positioned to compete based on quality instead of just price.

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It all began when 19-year-old tea dealer Edwin Henry Booth opened a tea shop called The China House in Blackpool in June 1847. He started selling wines and spirits in 1863, eventually incorporating the business as a private limited company in 1896. The company has remained in the hands of the Booth family and staff who have been invited to become shareholders, with current chairman Edwin J. Booth being the fifth generation.

According to its website, Booths prides itself on "the quality of their food and drink". The retail chain offers a wide range of locally-sourced fresh produce such as fish, poultry, fruits, and vegetables as well as cheeses, breads and pastries, and deli meats.

Its stores in the UK also offer a premium selection of wine and spirits as well as beer and ciders

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At the time of writing, Booths has yet to reveal when and where it will officially set up shop in Malaysia

In the meantime, Japan has arrived in Malaysia in the form of FamilyMart and Isetan's premium selection of imported goods:

Popular overseas brands like Koi Bubble Tea and France's Paul Bakery and Ladurée are also making their way to Malaysia:

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