3 Men Cheated Death After Being Shot At By A Group Of Robbers Near KLIA2

The shooting happened at about 9.30am yesterday, 26 July.

Cover image via The Rakyat Post

A group of armed robbers attempted to rob three men who were in a Toyota Fortuner at the Putrajaya-bound exit of the Elite Highway yesterday, 26 July

Image via The Rakyat Post

According to Kuala Langat Police Chief Supt Zailan Tasir, the three victims, aged between 51 and 58, had just sent off another friend with an undisclosed amount of money at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA 2) in Sepang.

It was said that they were heading to Kuala Lumpur and passing through the KLIA toll plaza before entering the Elite Highway when they were ambushed by several men coming in two motorcycles and two cars.

Fortunately, they cheated death when the Toyota Fortuner they were in was shot at by the daring group of robbers as the vehicle they were riding in was bulletproof.

This incident reportedly happened at about 9.30am.

How the incident transpired:

Image via The Rakyat Post

Zailan explained that as the victims arrived at the Putrajaya exit, their vehicle was stopped by four men on two Yamaha 125Z motorcycles, a white Toyota Camry and a grey (Proton) Wira Aeroback.

It was reported that the Proton Wira Aeroback was parked by the roadside and it appeared that the car had "broken down" as there were cones erected nearby. It was also noted that two men were standing next to the car.

According to the initial investigations, it is believed that Proton Wira Aeroback was parked in that manner to block the vehicle in which the victims were in before the Toyota Camry, driven by a suspect, overtook from behind.

"The victims saw a masked man alight from the Toyota Camry and shoot at them. (At the same time,) the two motorcycles had also come near to the victims’ vehicle on both sides before the men fired shots," he was quoted as saying by The Rakyat Post.

In the midst of the chaos, somehow the victims managed to escape

Thanks to the quick-thinking Toyota Fortuner driver, the victims managed to drive off onto the highway to save their lives.

Zailan said that the driver managed to reverse the vehicle to manoeuvre out of the blockage during the ordeal.

The robbers apparently did not know that the car did not have any money, and that it was bulletproof.

All the victims did not sustain any injuries.

The robbers must have been ill-informed and thought that the victims went to the airport to collect the cash instead of delivering it, said the police

According to Zailan, as reported by The Star Online, the money was already on a plane to Kota Kinabalu at the time the incident took place. He added that the amount of the cash was not known to the delivery men.

"Investigations revealed that the suspects were unknown to the victims and that the police were now closing in on all the suspects," he said.

Last month, a man was shot at five times by two unidentified suspect but fortunately, he survived the horrific incident:

Violent crimes appears to be on the rise lately, even as a Special Task Force has been formed to look into the cases:

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