Hiker Shares Photos Of A Woman Allegedly Abusing Her Pet Dog On Broga Hill

The incident happened over the weekend.

Cover image via Hiking & Camping Around Malaysia/Facebook

Earlier this weekend, a Facebook post with multiple photos of a woman with her pet dog on Broga Hill went viral

The post, which was uploaded on a Facebook group called Hiking & Camping Around Malaysia, claimed that the woman in the photos was seen kicking and mishandling her pet dog in order to make the dog run up the steep parts of Broga Hill.

The incident happened on 9 February, when a group of hikers spotted the woman who had brought her dog along

According to the post, at the first peak, "she started displaying her dog and taking pictures" by placing the dog in a "dangerous position" that put the dog's life in danger.

"She also kinda mishandled the dog, grabbing it by the neck to carry and putting it in a backpack and closing it," wrote the person who uploaded the post.

In the post, which at the time of publishing this story, has over 1.2k Reactions and more than 200 comments, the hiker urged pet owners to look out for their pet's safety

"It is absolutely insane to put your pet in danger for the sake of a photo. Be a responsible pet owner and hiker," read the Facebook post.

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