Man Who Collects Discarded Items For A Living Returns Bag Filled With RM4,000 In Cash

A teacher would have lost his money if not for the honest man.

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A bag filled with cash was just lying by the side of the road until a man and his daughter found it

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48-year-old Cheah Keng Keong was on his way to a nearby petrol station from his home in Bandar Baru Kampar in Perak with his daughter when he saw several pieces of RM5 bank notes scattered on the roadside near Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Sentosa on Tuesday, 6 March. 

As he stopped his motorcycle to pick up the money, he stumbled upon a sling bag and found it filled with more cash.

He also found a wallet and identification card, believed to belong to the owner of the bag.

Cheah and his daughter both did not bother to find out how much money was in the bag, but they decided that the right thing to do was to bring it to the Kampar police station

Cheah, who earns a living by collecting unwanted or discarded items, told his daughter that money belonged to another person and they could not simply take it.

"I am poor but not greedy. I am not sure of the amount of cash strewn but decided to go to police since there was a MyKad and the money will be returned to the owner," he said, as reported by theSun.

According to district police chief Superintendent Ng Kong Soon, the bag found by Cheah contained RM4,000.

Thanks to Cheah's honesty, the bag of cash was reunited with its rightful owner

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The police managed to identify the owner of the bag, and asked the person to head over to the Kampar District Police Headquarters (IPD) to retrieve it.

Malay Mail Online reported that the owner of the bag, who is a religious school teacher in Tapah, was extremely thankful to have it returned.

It was learned that the teacher gave Cheah an ang pow, which was handed over to him through Ng, as a sign of appreciation.

Many have praised Cheah for his honesty, including the police.

Ng said that he will honour Cheah for his honesty and integrity by presenting the father of five with a certificate of appreciation during the Police Day celebration.

Thank you, Cheah for being such a shining example to all of us!

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Cheah, a familiar figure among the local community in Perak, has been surviving by collecting recyclable items. Read his story here:

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