Hotel Guest Who Paid RM1,000 For His Room Enraged Over Loud Sports Event Happening At 5AM

Hotel guest Datuk Tony Looi Chee Hong even shared the footage of the incident with the media as a deterrence for the hotel and the organiser to never repeat the same mistake.

Cover image via Runwitme & Dato Tony Looi 分享平台 (Facebook)

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A hotel guest recently vented his anger online after he was woken up by loud noises at 5am during his stay at an establishment located about a 15-minute drive from Genting Highlands, Pahang

In a Facebook post published yesterday, 6 March, Datuk Tony Looi Chee Hong shared several videos and photos showing the Viper Challenge being held at Grand Ion Delemen Hotel.

"This morning, I was woken up by super loud music at 5am and 6am. I (went on a) livestream and called the organiser stupid!" said the entrepreneur who always promotes his products on social media.

"The microphone was turned on at five in the morning, and the music was blasted at six o'clock. It is the kind of super loud volume (sic)."

He said the videos he uploaded were not as loud after he scolded the organiser.

In the videos, many participants are seen climbing an obstacle course while high adrenaline-charged music is blasted from large speakers

Looi was believed to have filmed the participants from his hotel room in Grand Ion Delemen Hotel, several floors above ground level.

An announcer on the event ground can even be heard screaming "come on... come on... come on..." and "jump... jump... jump..." in tandem with the loud music.

"The contestants are not at fault, nor are the hotel staff," continued Looi in his Facebook post.

"Who is wrong here is the organiser. They should not host such an event at a hotel or a residential area. It should be held in a suburb or a stadium."

"The hotel management should not let customers suffer in vain in order to do business. I pity all the elderly and children. Think about it, the whole family comes to the hotel for vacation and is woken up at five o'clock in the morning. Would you like to try it?"

He said he shared the footage with the media because he does not want the organiser and hotel to make the same mistake

Looi criticised the hotel management and event organiser for being selfish, thinking only of their own interests and ignoring the interests of hotel customers.

He told China Press that his stay at the hotel was expensive, whereby a two-bedroom apartment cost him RM1,000 a night.

Grand Ion Delemen Hotel.

Image via Malaysian Flavours

At the time of writing, his post about the incident has garnered over 700 likes on Facebook.

Many netizens supported Looi for speaking out on the matter and exposing it to the media.

In a post yesterday, Grand Ion Delemen Hotel apologised for the inconvenience caused to its customers.

However, it did not apologise for hosting the event before shifting its focus to thank guests and participants who enjoyed its space and facilities at the premises.

"We have taken the step to pre-inform guests on the event prior to check-in and we will continue to take countermeasures for guests who may have experienced discomfort during their stay," the hotel said in a statement.

"We want to thank you for sharing this valuable feedback with us. Without the knowledge of your experience, we would not be able to take steps to solve it."

Below is the full statement:

SAYS has reached out to the Viper Challenge organisers for a statement but has not immediately received a response.

You can find Looi's videos and photos in the post below:

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