Even Russian Cats Are Banned From Int'l Competitions After Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

Over 1.5 million people have fled Ukraine into neighbouring countries, including cat owners who are desperately trying to take care of their furry friends amid the conflict.

Cover image via The Sports Bay & Zoomboola

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Cat competitions have been added to the list of things that Russians have been banned from.

Or, in this case, Russian cats.

As part of a global pushback for Russia's attack on Ukraine, Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe) — a group that calls itself "the United Nations of cat federations" — has announced that Russian-bred cats can no longer be imported or registered in any FIFe pedigree book.

A statement on their website also says cats belonging to someone living in Russia are also banned from entering in any FIFe competition outside the nation.

"The FIFe Executive Board is shocked and horrified that the army of the Russian Federation invaded the Republic of Ukraine and started a war," the organisatoin wrote.

"We can all witness the destruction and chaos caused by this unprecedented act of aggression."

"On top of that, our Ukrainian fellow feline fanciers are desperately trying to take care of their cats and other animals in these trying circumstances."

Image via The Sports Bay

Pictures of Ukrainian pet owners and their frightened furry friends at bomb shelters have been making the rounds on social media since the start of the Russian invasion on 24 February

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, over 1.5 million people have fled Ukraine into neighbouring countries.

There are many cat enthusiasts among them, said FIFe, who are desperately trying to take care of their cats and other animals amid the conflict.

That said, the cat organisation also promised to channel part of its budget to support affected cat breeders and fanciers in Ukraine.

"We are extremely happy that many members of FIFe clubs bordering Ukraine, such as Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Moldova, are lending a helping hand to their Ukrainian breeder friends."

The restrictions on Russian cats extend through 31 May, after which they will be reviewed.

The federation, which was created over 70 years ago, holds over 700 shows a year, with more than 200,000 cats on exhibit, according to its website.

An oyen getting help from an animal rescue organisation in southeast Romania.

Image via Sava's Safe Haven (Facebook)

A woman seeking shelter in an underground metro station in Ukraine with her feline companion.

Image via UAnimals (Facebook)

A furry friend all bundled up amid evacuations in southeast Romania.

Image via Sava's Safe Haven (Facebook)

A woman feeding a cat and dogs of owners who fled Ukraine at an animal shelter in Suceava, Romania.

Image via Casa lui Patrocle - Animal Rescue (Facebook)

FIFe's decision is just one of many bans, sanctions, and boycotts that have hit Russia and its citizens in response to the invasion

A slew of high-profile sports organisations such as Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), have also banned Russian football clubs and athletes from competing in international competitions.

In the entertainment industry, a number of film and music festivals, as well as some artists and movie studios, have cancelled plans to hold events in or involving Russia, reported USA Today.

Multiple car companies have also suspended the sales of cars or auto parts in Russia, including Toyota, Honda, and Volkswagen.

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