Family Home In Johor Goes Down In Flames 1 Hour Before Engagement Ceremony

In a viral video, the makeup artist can be heard saying, "Oh god, I was doing makeup when the house burned down."

Cover image via Twitter & Harian Metro

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A house in Batu Pahat went down in flames just one hour before an engagement ceremony was supposed to start

According to Harian Metro, the incident took place yesterday, 28 March at a home in Kampung Parit Mustaffa Darat, Parit Sulong.

A witness at the location, Izzat Syafaat Ismail, said that the house suddenly caught on fire around 1.20pm and the engagement ceremony was supposed to take place at 2.30pm.

Image via Harian Metro

Engagement gifts, catered food for guests, and the wedding dais were all destroyed in the fire.

The bride's father fainted out of shock while another relative was injured after stepping on broken glass.

In a viral video that has been circulating social media, the bride's makeup artist, can be heard crying and saying, "Oh god, I was doing my makeup when the house burned down."

The bride-to-be, Nur Hidayah Jahurin told Harian Metro, "While doing my makeup, I suddenly heard a commotion from the living room and there was someone screaming after seeing thick smoke before the fire burned down the dais."

"After I heard the scream, I rushed out of my room but there was a raging fire and our family was unable to rescue anything, including important documents. We left to save ourselves."

She also noted that her engagement was supposed to be held in November last year, but it had to be postponed due to the Movement Control Order (MCO).

The report states that the house was a 100-year-old family heirloom. After the incident, the family continued to hold a simple engagement ceremony at a relative's house nearby.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation

A spokesperson of the Johor Fire and Rescue Department said that the fire destroyed 80% of the house as well as one motorcycle.

22 firefighters from the Batu Pahat, Penggaram, and Yong Peng fire station were dispatched to the scene.

Editor's note: This story incorrectly identified the woman in the video. It has since been updated.

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