Dear Obama, Do You Really Think Malaysia Is A Model For The World?

Human rights watchdog sent US president Obama a letter, in it saying that his views on Malaysia being a global model for "diversity, tolerance and progress" was far from reality.

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Human Rights Watchdog Suaram Wrote A Letter To US President Barack Obama

Human rights watchdog Suaram has told US President Barack Obama that his views on Malaysia being a global model for “diversity, tolerance and progress” was far off the reality.

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The Purpose Of The Letter Was To Rebut Obama's Statement That Malaysia Is A "Global Model For Diversity, Tolerance And Progress"

The purpose of the letter was to rebut Obama’s statement on Oct 11 that Malaysia was a global model for “diversity, tolerance and progress”, said Suaram’s executive director E Nalini today.

Suaram Says Obama Ignored The History Of Racism, Religious Extremism, Corruption, Electoral Fraud And Various Other Criminal Activities

Suaram highlighted the spiralling violence, electoral fraud, corruption and serious human rights abuses that have taken place, and continued to be committed, under Najib’s leadership.

Tens of thousands rallied against irregularities in polls, which they say stole a win from the Malaysian opposition in a close race with the ruling coalition. Photo from

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"The Malaysian Government Has Also Selectively Deployed Regressive Legislation."

“The Malaysian government has also selectively deployed repressive legislation such as the Sedition Act 1948, the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 and the Penal Code to suppress protests against the election result by human rights defenders, opposition leaders and Malaysians from various religions and ethnicity," said the letter.

Malaysians protesting against the Prevention of Crime Act, detention without trial.

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The Letter Also Highlighted Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's "Shoot To Kill" Statement

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Suaram Urged Obama To "Revisit An Ill-Considered And Dangerous Complicity With PM Najib's Regime."

Suaram also expected Obama to formally reply to the letter, which it claimed was written on behalf of millions of long-suffering Malaysians.

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WATCH: Obama, "Malaysia's Diversity, Tolerance And Progress" Can Be A Model To The World

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“Malaysia’s diversity, tolerance and progress can be a model to countries around the world,” the American president said in a video that was screened to delegates at the 4th Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2013 on 11 Oct 2013.

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