[NEW UPDATE] Armed Security Guard Shoots Ambank Employee And Robs Bank

35-year-old security guard who shot dead an AmBank employee in Subang Jaya in a murder/robbery case last month has been charged in court.

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AmBank Security Guard Gets Death Penalty For Murdering Bank Officer

Indonesian La Ode Ardi Rasila was sentenced to death by a High Court here over the murder of an AmBank officer last year.

High Court judge Justice Akhtar Tahir ruled that the prosecution has proven the case against the 37-year-old Indonesian beyond reasonable doubt. The security guard was ordered on Thursday to be hanged until death for committing robbery and firing a pump-action shotgun at the officer with the intention to kill her.

The 37-year-old was also received the death sentence for his second charge with committing robbery using firearms. A total of 24 prosecution witnesses and one defence witness were called throughout the trial which began on June 24 last year.

26 Feb: Ambank Security Guard Who Shot Dead A Female Officer Pleads Not Guilty

An Indonesian security guard has claimed trial to murdering AmBank officer Norazita Abdul Talib October last year. La Ode Ardi Rasila, 36, was brought before High Court judge Justice Akhtar Tahir on Tuesday.

The accused also pleaded not guilty to a second charge of committing the scheduled offence of robbery and allegedly firing a shot from a pump gun with the intention to kill Norazita, an offence under Section 3 of the Firearms Act 1971.

He faces the mandatory death sentence under Section 302 of the Penal Code, if convicted. The accused who was represented by counsel S.Selvi also faces a second charge of robbing and shooting Norazita with a pump gun to intentionally kill her, at the same place and time.

The High Court here today reserved five days, from June 23 to hear the case involving an Indonesian security guard accused of shooting dead a Subang Jaya Ambank officer last October. Justice Datuk Akhtar Tahir also set May 7 for case management.

Ambank Security Guard Who Shot Dead A Female Office Pleads Not Guilty

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Nov 2013: Indonesian Security Guard La Ode Ardi Rasila Charged With AmBank Officer Murder

La Ode Ardi Rasila (centre) has been charged at a Petaling Jaya Magistrate's court with the murder of AmBank officer Norazlita Abdul Talib.

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La Ode Ardi Rasila, 35, was also charged with robbery and allegedly firing a pump gun at the victim. He was charged with committing the offences at an Ambank branch at No.5 & 7, Jalan USJ Sentral 2, between 6pm and 6.30pm on Oct 23 .

La Ode also faces a second charge of committing the scheduled offence of robbery and allegedly fired a shot from a pumpgun with the intention to kill Norazlita, an offence under Section 3 of the Firearms Act 1971. The section provides the mandatory death sentence upon conviction, even if no injury was inflicted.

The murder-cum-robbery case has revealed the loopholes in a cut-throat private security industry that is marred by unscrupulous firms hiring illegal foreigners to meet an increasing demand fuelled by a fear of rising crime.

Main Suspect Of AmBank Robbery In Subang Led Into Court Under Tight Security

Pengawal keselamatan warga Indonesia, Loade Ardina Loade Rasila, yang menjadi individu pertama ditahan bagi siasatan kes pembunuhan pegawai AmBank tiba di pekarangan Kompleks Mahkamah Petaling Jaya di sini sebentar tadi.

Loade Ardina was escorted under tight security and arrived at Kompleks Mahkamah Petaling Jaya at about 9am this morning, 19 Nov 2013.

Last week, police recovered the ‘pump gun’ used to commit the cold blooded murder in a drain in Jalan Subang , Taman Perindustrian Subang, some 500m from the murder scene.

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Police Release Photo Of Mastermind Behind Bank Robbery By A Security Guard

The mastermind behind the AmBank robbery in Subang Jaya last month worked as a security guard at a company for more than a year, police disclosed yesterday.

Joemar began working as a guard upon his arrival to Malaysia one and a half years ago. He held a fake MyKad bearing the name Osman Salleh. Police are talking to the Klang Valley-based company where he worked to find out more about the mysterious suspect.

"We think he and the main suspect who committed the murder and robbery planned the crime together.

"They come from similar backgrounds and became close friends, though they worked for different companies.

"We believe Joemar is still in the country, is unarmed and on his own. We are in hot pursuit of him," he said.

“Joemar was believed to be waiting outside the bank and rode the getaway motorcycle. We believe he is also an Indonesian but are unsure as to exactly where he hails from,” said Selangor police chief Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan.

Police believe the man is still in the country and has the remaining RM430,000 stolen from the bank.
Police managed to retrieve RM21,800 of the RM450,000 robbed from the bank on Oct 23.

DCP Shukri showing reporters the pump gun that was allegedly used in the AmBank shooting

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Wanted: Joemar Omar

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Killer Security Guard Identified As Indonesian As Police Hunts For Second Man

Killer Security Guard Identified As Indonesian As Police Hunts For Second Man

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The suspect who was nabbed for the murder of an Ambank officer in a robbery two weeks ago has been identified as an Indonesian from Sulawesi.
Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar today named the suspect as Laode Ardina Laode Rasila, 35, from Desa Latugoh, Kacamatan Lawa in Sulawesi.

Laode Ardina had used false identification documents and disguised himself as Ardi Hamzah from Sabah to apply for a job as a security guard. He allegedly bought his false Malaysian identity card from another Indonesian.

“The MyKad he bought was altogether fake. It was not issued by the National Registration Department (JPN), therefore its biometric properties were not traceable in the department's or any other database," said Khalid in a press conference at the Royal Malaysia Police College here, in Cheras.

Police are hunting for a man called "Joemar," believed to be the accomplice of the main suspect in the robbery cum murder of an AmBank officer in Subang Jaya. "Police believe that "Joemar", is sitting on much of the loot. He is not a security guard.

According to Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, the new suspect, known only as Joemar, had planned the heist and is now in possession of a major portion of the loot.

“We believe the accomplice planned the heist together with the main suspect.”, he said.

Killer Guard Who Shot Dead AmBank Officer Nabbed In Johor

The rogue security guard who shot bank officer Norazita Abu Bakar dead before running away with RM450,000 from the Ambank branch in Subang Jaya has been arrested in Johor this morning.

Good work PDRM

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Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, on his Twitter account this morning, confirmed the news.
He said the suspect was caught in Johor Baru early this morning.
He congratulated Bukit Aman’s Ops Cantas team, which had successfully nabbed the suspect.

Khalid also thanked members of the public, who continued to assist the police to stamp out crime. The suspect has been identified as a 37-year-old Sabahan who allegedly used a fake identity card to obtain employment as a security guard.

The suspect being led out of the magistrate's court on Sunday.

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The security guard arrived at the magistrate's court here to be remanded for investigations. He arrived at the court compound at about 3.18pm escorted by a team of heavily-armed policemen from Kota Tinggi in Johor where he was captured earlier Sunday.

Police Close To Catching Those Who Distributed Photos And CCTV Videos Of The Shot Bank Officer

The police are in the midst of tracking down the individual who first distributed photos on social media of a bank officer who was shot dead by a security guard at a bank in Subang Jaya on Oct 23.

Selangor police chief Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan said the main focus was to detect the individual and investigate the bank staff as the photos were from closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras installed at the bank.

"We are still investigating the origin of the distribution of the fact, we have taken a recording of the talks involving two policemen. We will conduct a detailed investigation," he told a media conference at the Selangor police contingent headquarters media centre here Wednesday.

Police Close To Catching The First Person Who Distributed Photos Of The Bank Officer

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Security Firm Responsible For Hiring The Killer Guard Is Still Operating As Usual

The Ambank branch in USJ Sentral 2 here where a bank officer was shot dead by a security guard last week is still being guarded by personnel from the same security company.

An AmBank spokesman said that Kawalan Prima was still authorised to provide services as the firm was only given a show-cause letter from the Home Ministry.

“We explained the situation to the necessary people and they know we have done nothing wrong. That is all that matters,” said the Kawalan Prima's legal officer who refused to be named.

The bank staff, meanwhile, were apparently unhappy that a guard from the same firm was still working there, but they refused to elaborate citing company regulations.

The latest security guard told The Malay Mail that he had been redeployed from another bank in SS14, four days after the shooting incident. Checks showed that the security firm provides more than 600 security officers, including armed guards, to various banks and establishments.

Security Firm Responsible For Hiring The Killer Guard Is Still Operating As Usual

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Police Believe Thay Have Found The Ambank Security Guard's Facebook Profile

Netizens have stumbled upon a Facebook account purportedly belonged to a suspect wanted for the murder of Ambank operations officer Norazita Abu Talib and robbing the bank last week.
Selangor Deputy police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said police believe that the Facebook belongs to the suspect and they are monitoring it.

According to the information displayed on the page, the man lives in Petaling Jaya and is from Klang, Selangor but indicates that he works in an international courier company. The man also seemed to be writing in Indonesian dialect on most of his Facebook status updates and comments.

Since the discovery, netizens have widely shared the Facebook link and pointed to the man, who bears a similar name to the suspect, for the crime he committed.
"This is the face of the killer and the robber...let us hunt him down," said a user.

Netizens abuzz over Facebook account matching suspect's identity

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Five Foreign Men Arrested In Connection With Security Guard Shooting Case

Police have arrested two more foreigners in connection with the case of the security guard killing an Ambank officer in a robbery-cum-murder last week.

Subang Jaya deputy OCPD Supt Tan Ah Chua said the men in their 40s were arrested in Klang on Friday morning, bringing the total number of arrests to five foreigners so far.

“The two men had fake MyKad,” he said.

The arrests bring the total number of foreigners detained to five.

Supt Tan said they had recovered about RM20,000 from the suspects, some of whom are believed to be family members.

A special task force was formed and arrested three family members of the suspect.

Two of them worked as security guards and they, like the main suspect, were also using fake MyKad.

Police have intensified the search for the main suspect, believed to be still in Selangor.

The guard escaped with RM450,000. Cops have recovered RM20,000 from 3 family members who were detained in the ongoing investigation.

The security guard who shot dead a bank officer escaped with about RM450,000 cash in the vault, said Selangor police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan on Friday.

However, police managed to recover about RM20,000 after arresting three of the suspect’s family members, including a woman, following a raid at a shop in Subang Jaya on Wednesday.

“Two of those arrested worked as security guards and they were also using fake MyKad.

“All of those arrested were foreigners, believed to be Indonesians,” he said adding that, all three did not have proper documents.

He told a press conference that the main suspect, along with the two other security guards arrested have been working in Malaysia for about two years.

Social Media Users Told To Stop Circulating The CCTV Footage/Graphic Picture Of Shooting Victim

Suami kepada pegawai Ambank, Norazita Abu Talib, yang ditembak mati dalam kes rompak dan bunuh semalam, meminta semua pihak memadam dan menghentikan sebaran gambar dan video kematian isterinya demi

Facebook post of Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia on 24 October 2013.

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Home Ministry Revokes The Operating License Of The Security Firm Who Hired The Robber Security Guard

The Home Ministry has revoked the operating licence of the security firm responsible for hiring the guard who shot dead a bank officer in a heist in Selangor on Wednesday.

Deputy Secretary-General (Security) Datuk Alwi Ibrahim said the decision was made after the ministry had found the company had breached regulations on the handling of firearms.

Alwi was quoted saying, "The company has a firearms licence but the personnel that it deploys must pass a security check vetted by the police, including not having any criminal record and trained to handle firearms.”

What irked Alwi even more was that the security firm only decided to submit details of the rogue guard, today, for vetting by the ministry.

"This was too little, too late," he told reporters at the ministry. He, however, declined to name the security firm.

Home Ministry Revokes The Operating License Of The Security Firm

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Police Believe That The Suspect Is A Foreigner

Malaysians Believe That The Suspect Is A Foreigner

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The security guard who shot dead a bank officer is believed to be a foreigner.

Selangor deputy police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar confirmed that the suspect was using a fake MyKad.

“Initial investigations revealed that the suspect may be an Indonesian,” he said, the Star reported.

He added that police detained two men and a woman, believed to be the suspect’s friends, to help in investigations into the shooting.

DCP Abdul Rahim also denied speculation that the suspect was caught. Soon after the incident, SMSes and Internet posts said he was caught at the LCCT while trying to fly to Sabah. “We believe he is still in Selangor,” he said.

Shot Bank Officer's Husband: "He Didn't Just Kill My Wife, He Took Away The Love Of My Life"

Shot Bank Officer's Husband Says He Called His Wife But The Bank Manager Answered

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Just an hour before AmBank operations officer Norazita Abu Talib, also 37, was shot dead, she called her husband — and out of the blue — asked if he loved her. He said yes — and did not know his world would come crashing down in the next few hours.

Irwan said he was informed of the shooting by a friend who read it on Facebook but was told by numerous sources his wife was doing fine.

“I called my wife a few times after that but the calls went unanswered, until the bank manager answered the phone. He did not tell me what had happened and just asked me to come to the bank,” he said.

“At about 9pm, a police officer pulled me aside and told me my wife had been killed in an armed robbery and the person who took away her life got away,” said the personal driver in between tears.

Irwan and Norazita, who both grew up in Kampar, Perak, had been together since they were both 16. They had been married for 13 years.
“We were happy. There were hardly any arguments between us and we worked very well in raising our children. That man didn’t just kill my wife, he took away the love of my life.”

Bank Officer's Father Says He Didn't Have The Heart To Tell His Wife

Puzzled by the guard's merciless action, Abu Talib Md Isa, 75, a retired army personnel, said his daughter was a hardworking worker who would ensure all her responsibilities were completed.

"I received a call from a relative on the day of the incident but did not have the heart to tell my wife Norsham Abd Kader as I knew she would not be able to take the news.

"So I just told her that our daughter was involved in an accident and that we needed to leave for Kuala Lumpur.

"Only when we reached there my wife found out the true story," Abu Talib told reporters at their house in Kampung Baru Air Itam Labu here on Thursday.

Norazita's cousin Musa Othman, 50, also said that there was no need to shoot her.

"Why did he have to shoot her. He could always take the money without hurting anyone," Musa said.

Shot Bank Officer's Husband: "He Didn't Just Kill My Wife, He Took Away The Love Of My Life"

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Bank Officer Remains Laid To Rest In Perak

Ambank officer Norazita Abu Talib who was shot dead in a robbery involving a security guard at the bank’s branch in Subang Jaya yesterday, was laid to rest at the Kampung Ayer Hitam Labu cemetery, here, at 7.30pm today.

Her remains were brought to the family home here at 6.55pm from Serdang Hospital to enable her family members, friends and the village residents to pay their respects before her burial.

Norazita’s father, Abu Talib Mohd Isa, 75, who was met at his house said he and his family accepted her passing as fated.

“The last time my wife and I met her was during the recent Aidiladha celebration.

She also managed to meet her siblings and relatives,” said the father of five.

23 Oct: A Bank Operations Officer Was Shot Dead In The Face By The Bank's Security Guard On Duty

A female bank operations officer was shot dead in cold blood at her workplace in Subang Jaya by a security guard on duty when he pulled off a heist and escaped with wads of cash yesterday.

37-Year-Old Bank Operations Officer Was Shot Dead In The Face By The Bank's Security Guard

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Family members grieving

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37-Year-Old Norazita Abu Talib Was At The Bank's Safe Room Accompanied By The Security Guard At 6.18pm When He Killed Her With One Shot

The incident occurred when the bank officer, identified as Norazita Abu Talib, went to the bank’s safe room about 6.18pm.

She was accompanied by the 37-year-old security guard from Tawau, Sabah.

Bank officer Norazita Abu Talib, 37, a mother of two children, was opening the door to a safe with a colleague in the bank along Jalan USJ Sentral 2 at around 6.18pm Wednesday when the suspect shot her in the face with a pump gun.

Norazita, who had been with Ambank for 16 years, died on the spot.
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After Shooting Her, The Suspect Made The Other Staff Members Give Him The Cash In The Safe Before Fleeing

After shooting Norazita, the guard then made the other staff member who was present at the safe opening to fill a bag with cash from the safe. He then escaped on a motorcycle.

Two other female staff who were outside the strong room were too stunned to react as the 37-years-old guard fled the premises on a motorcycle carrying the shotgun and cash.

Norazita Abu Talib Went To The Bank's Safe Room With The Security Guard, By Was Shot Dead By Him Instead

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The Entire Incident That Happened Within Seconds Was Captured On CCTV (Viewer discretion is advised)

Scene of the crime

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Selangor Deputy Police Chief Says The Suspect, A 37-Year-Old Sabahan, Shot The Victim Without Warning

Gambar Norazita Abu Talib Dan Rakan Setugas Ambank

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Selangor deputy police chief DCP Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said the victim and another female staff were in the bank's strong room loading the day's taking into safe vaults at about 6.20pm when the armed security guard showed up.

He said police learnt that the guard opened fire at the victim without warning before pushing the other staff to a corner, warning her to remain calm. He then filled up a black bag he was carrying with cash he grabbed from the vaults.

Police arrived within minutes and remained at the scene for the next four hours for further investigation.

The Suspect, A Replacement Guard, Was The Only Man Working In The Bank Of Five Staff Members

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Selangor deputy police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said the suspect was the only male staff member among the five stationed at the bank.

It is understood that four other staff were in the bank at the time.

"According to the security firm he was meant to be a replacement guard and had worked in another bank next to the crime scene.

"He had been employed by the firm for about a year," he said.

Police Revealed That His IC Was Fake, And Will Investigate How He Was Employed With A Fake IC

The security guard has been identified as a 37-year-old Sabahan, who fled with an undisclosed amount of cash on a motorcycle.

However, he raised concerns over facts of the suspect's identity.

"Checks on his I.C. reveal that it was a fake. We are going to look into this more and find out how he was employed with a fake I.C," he said, adding that cops were also investigating the CCTV footage of the bank and nearby shops.

Ardi bin Hamza, the suspect

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Police Has Launched A Manhunt For The Dangerous Robber Guard Who Is On The Loose, Public Is Advised To Be Cautious

Abdul Rahim said the cash sum stolen by the guard is yet to be ascertained. He added that police had launched a hunt for the robber guard soon after.

Abdul Rahim described the man, who goes by the name Ardi Hamza of Tawau, Sabah, as armed and dangerous urging those who have information on him to alert police.

"I advise the public to be cautious as the man is still on the loose and is armed. I urge anyone with information on him to come forward," he said.

The victim and her family

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