21-Year-Old Girl Becomes Target Of Public Masturbator In SS15. This Is Her Story

"Whenever I closed my eyes I saw that perpetrator. I was suddenly afraid of darkness and I lost count on the number of times I woke up crying."

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Beverlley A. Lim, aged 21, is a student of Inter Cultural Language School (ICLS). On the morning of 20th May, she published a Facebook post detailing how the night before, 19th May, while walking towards her car at 9:13PM, after her Japanese language class, she was publicly masturbated at by a Malay guy in his 20's.

From Beverlley's Facebook post:

"I was sexually assaulted last night, Tuesday, 19th May 2015, 9.13pm, at SS 15 Subang Jaya. I was walking back to the car after my Japanese class at ICLS. My car was parked just 100 metres away from the language center, along Jalan SS 15/7, just beside Taylor's College and right opposite a row of houses.

I noticed a Malay guy in a cap, red shirt and shorts probably in his 20s, standing near a car 2 lots in front from mine. He looked suspicious and I hesitated for a bit and contemplated going back to ICLS to wait until he was gone.

For some reason, I stupidly ignored that inner voice and thought it'd be safer to quickly jump into my car and drive off, considering that ICLS was closing at that time anyway. I quietly walked to my car without him noticing me, and only unlocked it when I was right at the door. Only then did he turn his head to me.

We were separated by a railing so I thought it was relatively safe. I hopped in as quickly as I could and locked the doors, ready to leave. Then I saw him walking away."

After she saw him walking away, she, feeling relieved, took her phone out to send a text instead of driving off. However, she then realised that someone was standing right next to her window.

"When I looked up and saw the same guy, my heart stopped. The only thing that went through my mind was "omg, he's gonna rob me", she wrote in her post, which has been shared over 200 times.

Before she could even blink, he had his d#ck out of his pants and was masturbating in front of her face. She found it hard to breathe.

Baverlley sent SAYS this streetview of the blue railing on the left hand side where the incident happened.

Image via Google Maps

"I cannot really express what I felt at that moment," she explained in her post. In that very instant, a range of varied emotions took over Beverlley.

"Disgust, shock, disbelief, helplessness, anger, fear, lost of control. My body was trembling. My hands fumbled with the gear as I struggled to maneuver the car out of the parking. When I realised that I couldn't drive, I honked and honked for attention."

"He walked away slowly, as if nothing happened."

With shaky hands and a trembling body, she tried her best to drive off as fast as she could. She then parked near the Sri KL school guard house as she found it hard to drive any further. "I cried and I cried. I don't think I've ever cried as hard as last night in my life."

Beverlley was engulfed in fear, fear that he might return with even worse intentions. Her fear made it so much harder for her to drive home, she wrote.

"And even after I parked at my apartment, I couldn't come out of my own car because I was scared. Scared, that someone would be waiting for me with ill intentions."

While in her post, Beverlley had written that she did not go to the cops, thinking it was pointless to recount her experience to someone who would just type a report for the sake of it when she was already in such an emotional state; she did eventually file a report today, 23 May, she told us while speaking to this writer.

Responding to questions asked by this writer, Beverlley said she didn't report it because of what people are saying. "I did it for the people that care about me. They want me to. They want to help me but know there's nothing they can really do, so they think the only way they can help is by advising me to get it filed. They believe that having a record might help with catching the culprit."

She, however, doubts that anything concrete will come out of it

Case in point being an incident that happened some three years ago when someone broke into the place she was renting. Narrating the incident, she said since the culprit(s) did not steal anything, although she did have valuables there, we thought he/they could have been targeting her with ill intentions.

"My schedule used to be pretty regular. At that hour I would usually be at home alone. So it's just our theory. Or suspicions. So yeah, the police said to us that nothing had happened (like nothing was stolen, no one was hurt), so why did we even bother making a report."

She explained her frustration that the house was broken into, and people who broke into her place could have really nasty intentions. "But the cops dissuaded us from filing a report. He didn't even take down notes, fingerprints or anything and left, she added.

Back to present case, that's why this time she refused to go to the cops in the beginning. In her own words, "I don't know how to explain the feeling to you. Can't find the word for it. I just didn't wanna tell my whole story to a stranger (which needed a lot of strength considering I was still in a state of shock) and have him/her brush me off."

Her lack of faith in cops is not limited to just her own experience

A while back, one of her friend had filed a report regarding a peeping tom incident when the person took a video/photo of her in the ladies restroom in SS2 mall. However, the cops instead asked her if she is "someone" important or knows someone important.

"What I'm trying to say is that I lost faith in our police ever since. Unless it's a big case like murder or something, or involves someone important, they won't open a case," she shared while speaking with this SAYS writer.

However, when she went to file a report today, she told us, she felt more comfortable as "this time I was speaking to a police woman. When I told her it's a case of sexual harassment, she had this look of compassion. But it's hard for me in terms of language barrier."

Beverlley told us that while she explained to the police woman in English, she responded to her and wrote the report in Malay. What's more is that there were things in the report that Beverlley had to keep changing because the police woman had difficulties putting Beverlley's experience into words.

Meanwhile, in the report it simply says in Malay that the perpetrator showed his penis to Beverlley. Because the police woman didn't know the Malay translation for the English word "masturbate."

Women, throughout Malaysia, are victim of sexual assault and harassment. In October 2014, SAYS asked 13 women to share their accounts of being harassed on the streets of Malaysia:

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