'I Beg You' - Woman Pleads To Motorists To Give Way To Ambulance With Injured Dad

She had to get down on her hands and knees to make a desperate plea.

Cover image via SCMP

In a city in eastern China, a woman had to get down on her hands and knees to beg to motorists who had clogged up an expressway emergency lane to give way to an ambulance with her injured dad

In the incident that happened on Friday night, the emergency lane was blocked by cars, delaying an ambulance on its way to a hospital in Luan, Anhui province.

The ambulance was carrying the woman's father, who was injured in a traffic accident.

The distraught daughter was seen pleading with drivers and kowtowed to them to let the ambulance pass after they failed to pull over in Luan, according to an SCMP report.

No car would give way despite the ambulance's siren being blared for over 10 minutes. It was only after the woman who got out of the ambulance and made her desperate appeal that the cars moved.

"The woman was so anxious that she knelt down and kowtowed. She was crying and saying 'I beg you'," a witness was quoted as saying by South China Morning Post.

While it should have taken about five minutes for the ambulance to reach the hospital, due to the blocked section, the journey became of over half an hour.

Image via SCMP

SCMP reported that earlier reports stated the patient was the woman's son. However, police later clarified that it was her father in the ambulance.

While law restricts the use of emergency lanes to fire trucks, ambulances, police cars and rescue vehicles, drivers routinely flout the Chinese law blocking the lanes, especially during peak hours

According to the SCMP report, drivers rampantly disregard the law because the cost of breaking it is too low. In most Chinese cities, violators risk a fine of just 200 yuan (RM121) and the loss of six points from their driver's licence.

A while ago in Malaysia, netizens argued that motorcyclists are "entitled" to use the emergency lane, until JPJ had to step in:

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