"I Looked Cool" - Najib Posts His 1974 Graduation Photos To Prove He Has A Degree


Cover image via Najib Razak/Facebook

In an attempt to nip the doubts over his degree in the bud, former premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak decided to release his graduation photos earlier today, 14 February

(From left) Johari Razak, Najib, and their mother Tun Rahah Mohamed Noah.

Image via Najib Razak/Facebook

"Old school, but here's the photo from my graduation ceremony in 1974," Najib wrote in a Facebook post today. 

Najib also referred to a challenge from Democratic Action Party (DAP) assemblyman Chong Zhemin earlier this week to have his degree verified.

"If DAP still want to accuse me (of lying about the degree), (they) can borrow a time machine to go back to 1974 and find me," the former Prime Minister wrote.

Najib also said that he "looked cool" at his graduation ceremony

"At the time, I looked cool because long hair was the trend in England... I admit I was influenced by it," the Pekan Member of Parliament (MP) wrote. 

According to Najib, the photos were uncovered by his son Ashman Najib, who spent an hour looking for them. 

The 45-year-old photos were found at the house of Najib's mother, Tun Rahah Mohamed Noah. 

Najib graduated with a BA Hons in Industrial Economics from the University of Nottingham

Malay Mail reported on 12 February that the information was confirmed by the university.

The former premier also reportedly received an honorary degree at the Malaysian campus of the university in 2004.

You can read Najib's Facebook post in full here:

Yesterday, Najib told a crowd in Semenyih that he is a thief of people's hearts:

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