Watch This 7-Year-Old Tearfully Explain How She Spent Her School Allowance On Chicken Chop

"It was just too delicious."

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A video of a Standard One girl making a tearful confession about how she spent her school allowance has gone viral on Facebook

Image via Facebook

At the time of writing, the video of Nur Amira Amani Mohd Ridwan has garnered over 2,800 shares and over 1,000 comments.

One morning, Amira asked her mother for RM15 to buy a colouring book.

However, the girl ended the school day without a colouring book in hand.

When her mother "interrogated" her about the money, Amira quickly admitted that she had spent the money given on a lavish lunch.

According to the tearful 7-year-old, a big chunk of the RM15 went to two plates of chicken chop

Image via Eco Mall

"It was too delicious," Amira confessed.

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The girl explained that she had also finished one bowl of noodles and an ice cream during recess.

Amused by Amira's confession, netizens chimed in saying that they would love to try the delicious chicken chop

"Whoever is selling the chicken chop she's talking about, please tell us the address!" one Facebook user commented.

"I'm hungry just watching this!" another netizen wrote.

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As an added bonus, the girl's father uploaded a video of a chirpy Amira before she received the RM15 for comparison.

Image via Facebook

Watch the video here:

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