Man Who Found Stack Of SGD50 Notes Will Return It To Whoever Can Tell Him The Exact Amount

"Kindness begets kindness," a netizen commented.

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While travelling to Johor Bahru from Singapore, a man found an envelope full of RM150 (SGD50) notes

Image via Mothership

Rather than following the principle of 'finders keepers, losers weepers,' Liu Xinfa decided he was going to make an effort to find the owner of the sum of money, Mothership reported.

With no way to identify the owner, the good Samaritan decided to get creative and turn to social media

In a Facebook post published on 12 February, the man explained that he will return the money to whoever can tell him the exact amount within the envelope.

Unsurprisingly, that caught the attention of a lot of people. The post had garnered over 1,750 shares at the time of writing.

The overwhelming response from netizens in the comment section of the post were positive, with many praising the man for his honesty and good values

"Kindness begets kindness," a Facebook user wrote.

Image via Facebook

However, that did not stop several cheeky netizens from shooting their shot.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Not to miss out on the good karma, many Facebook users also shared a screenshot of what could be a promising lead.

A woman named Lim Qian wrote a Facebook post on 5 February to spread the word on her missing envelope of money.

"Did anyone pick up SGD1,000 worth of money in an envelope? That is the hard-earned money that I’ve made in Singapore for the first time. The envelope is labelled ‘mia lim np yishun'," she wrote, a week before the man's viral post.

According to Mothership, it is unclear whether the woman had since been identified by the man.

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