Iconic SS15 Noodle Shop Clarifies Temporary Closure Is Due To Death Of Parents

The owners say the shop will be closed until further notice and pleaded for netizens to stop spreading rumours.

Cover image via Justin Chong/Google Maps

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Ooi Noodle House, a favourite haunt for Subang Jaya locals and students alike, had recently shuttered its doors

The shop has been in continuous operation since 1988, and has been serving their signature pork noodles in SS15 for over two generations.

However, their shop had been closed for a long minute, and up until a few days ago, speculation was rife amongst netizens that the owners had died of COVID-19.

The shop is known for its pork noodles, and before the pandemic, long lines were a common sight.

Image via Helen L/Tripadvisor

The owners have stepped forward to clarify the reasons behind the closure

Speaking to the SJ Echo, co-owner Ann shared that she had been busy dealing with a personal tragedy with regards to the current pandemic.

"My parents passed away over the last two weeks because of COVID-19," shared Ann.

Ann added that she and her brother had been taking turns to care for them before their passing, and had contracted the virus themselves.

"We had to close the shop as my husband had to take care of the children while I was busy taking care of my parents."

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Image via Astro Awani

The shop will remain closed until further notice, and they urge the public for privacy

To assuage public concerns, Ann clarifies that her parents had stopped helping out at the shop since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented earlier this year.

On top of this, her husband and immediate family are free of the virus, as are the workers of the shop.

This is a result of her separating herself from the family since caring for her parents, as to not spread COVID-19 to them.

"It hurts to read what has been written. People make wild claims that my husband died! We were busy attending to our parents and we didn't have time to clarify what was being circulated."

Ann, who is currently under quarantine, is looking forward to being reunited with her family soon.

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