If Prices Are Rising, Just Eat Less Eggs, KPDNHEP Melaka Director Advises People

It's that simple.

Cover image via Fathil Asri/New Straits Times & MelakaTV (YouTube)

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For the Malaysians struggling with inflation, Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) Melaka director Norena Jaafar has a solution: reduce consumption, especially that of eggs

Speaking to reporters at the Melaka City Council Central Market, Norena said that the people needed to understand the rising prices of goods due to inflation throughout the country at the time.

If people are aware that the prices of eggs have gone up, she suggested, they could eat fewer eggs.

"If we eat around 20 eggs a week, we could reduce it to 10 to 15 eggs. It shouldn't be an issue. That is how we adjust our lifestyle," Melaka TV's Youtube channel quoted her.

According to Norena, the issue of rising prices is nothing new and asked people to bear with it while the government is doing all it can

"The government has decided to provide more subsidies for us not to be burdened with inflation," she said.

Starting 1 July, the ceiling price of chicken eggs increased between two sen for each grade, following which grade A eggs now cost 45 sen each, grade B cost 43 sen each, and grad C cost 41 sen each.

The ceiling price of chicken was also increased by 50 sen, with the new price set at RM9.40 per kg.

The advice that people should cut back on eggs — one of the cheapest forms of protein available — did not sit well with Malaysians

"You're an idiot. Eggs are the cheapest source of protein. How are we to reduce its intake despite soaring prices?" said one netizen, with another adding, "Keep your stupidity to yourself, please!"

"You're asking the people to reduce the intake of eggs, but then even the fish and chicken prices have increased. So then what do you expect us to eat? Rocks, is it? Your stupidity isn't helping," said another.

Norena inspecting eggs prices at Pasar Besar Melaka, Bachang.

Image via MelakaTV

Following the controversy caused by Norena's advice, KPDNHEP secretary-general Datuk Azman Mohd Yusof offered another solution

Consumers can choose between different categories of eggs in view of rising prices, Azam advised.

"The government has intervened by providing a subsidy. If not, the price will be higher. It is up to the consumer to choose. There are various grades (of eggs). I won't say if you don't like grade A, you should buy less. I hope all consumers can make their choices without cutting off their family's protein requirements," he said, according to a report in Malaysiakini.

Meanwhile, global prices of wheat have shot up, even more, this year due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict that began in February: