If You Saw Friends Sharing That Thing About "Extreme Cold Weather" In Malaysia, Read This

It's getting colderrr...NOT!

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Earlier on 29 January 2016, a so-called "news" with the headline that read - "Malaysians Need To Brace The Cold, Temperatures As Low As 16°C In February" - published on the Malaysian Digest website, went crazy viral on Facebook and other social media sites

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The above is just one of the several Facebook page that shared the "news". Other prominent Malaysian social media pages like Bersih 4.0, Only In Malaysia, and Sarawak Update too shared the piece with their followers, sending a frenzy of euphoria.

According to the "news" piece, "east coast and northern regions of peninsular Malaysia" may have to brace the extreme cold as "temperatures are expected to drop as low as 20 degrees Celsius"

Furthermore, the Malaysian Digest piece then claimed that "the temperatures in some parts of peninsular Malaysia could drop as low as 16 degrees Celsius".

For the record, the temperature in the first of February:

Furthermore, as reported by The Star, MetMalaysia forecast last month that the weather was expected to be hotter and drier due to the El Nino phenomenon and temperatures in parts of Malaysia may go up by between 0.5°C and 2°C. Less rainfall is also expected.

“The last time the country faced an El Nino phenomenon of this high intensity was in 1997 and 1998 when temperatures reached 40.1°C,” said Che Gayah, the director-general of the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia).

Here's an official announcement by MetMalaysia denying the forecast that it will get "extreme cold" in the month of February

To sum up, all this talk that "extreme cold weather" is expected to hit Malaysia in February is absolutely false. In fact, the hot weather the country is currently experiencing is expected to last until March.

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Sorry, we shattered your hopes.

On the other hand:

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