Haven't Paid Your 'Saman' Yet? 1.7 Million Drivers Will Be Suspended Soon

Malaysians like to hold off on paying their traffic summonses until it its the discount season. Will this new measure encourage you to stop procrastinating paying your traffic summonses?

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1.7 million drivers who have not settle their traffic summonses may have their license suspended

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KUALA LUMPUR: Police will take stern action against 1.7 million blacklisted drivers, who failed to settle their traffic summonses under Ops Warta.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said the action would be conducted soon and advised the blacklisted motorists to pay their summonses.

Inspector-General of Police says the police is collaborating with JPJ to take action against blacklisted motorists

He announced that the police are working with the Road Transport Department to suspend the licences of blacklisted motorists.

"We will conduct stricter enforcement particularly for speeding, violation of traffic lights and overtaking on the double lines. "So, do not blame the police for getting summons tickets in areas you least expected," he added.

“We will implement total enforcement within this month. Those who are blacklisted are advised to settle their summonses as soon as possible,”

Police will start with motorcyclists and drivers of commercial vehicles

"For starter, we are targeting motorcyclists and drivers of commercial vehicles. This is due to the rise in the number of fatal accidents in Ops Selamat III," he said.

Khalid said that the police would amend the law to facilitate fast action.

There were 17,831 road accidents during this Hari Raya weekend with an increase in deaths

The Ops Warta was launched nationwide in 2000 to catch over 260,000 vehicle owners who were issued the warrants of arrest for failing to pay up the summonses.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said he was not satisfied with the recent Ops Selamat during the Hari Raya period, and he believes the attitude of motorists has not changed.

Ops Selamat III from August 1 to 18 recorded 17,831 road accident cases, 106 less than Ops Selamat II. However, death cases rose by 14.2 per cent, from 226 cases to 258 cases, with the number of deaths rising by 20.2 per cent, from 243 cases to 292.

Are you a blacklisted driver? Here's where to check your status:

Are you a blacklisted driver? Here's where to check your status.

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[CLICK HERE TO CHECK] Senarai hitam ini mengandungi pesalah / kenderaan yang telah dikenakan saman tetapi masih belum membayar denda selepas satu masa yang ditetapkan oleh pihak berkenaan.

STEPS: Click PDRM/JPJ Icon and select which black list you need to know. Enter your identity card or car registration number. The system will tell you whether you got traffic summon blacklist record

You check your outstanding summonses via SMS:

Check your driving license expiry date, kejara points, class, JPJ summons status through SMS.
Key in jpjyour IC Number
and send to 37773
Example: jpj 660104084938
and send to 37773

Check your JPJ traffic summonses via SMS. Type: JPJ<space>Your IC number. Send to 37773

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Type the following into your mobile phone: POLIS SAMAN [IC or vehicle registration no.] Example: POLIS SAMAN 900256102256 or POLIS SAMAN WWW1122

If you have outstanding summons &wish to get further details, type: POLIS SAMAN [IC or vehicle registration no.] [email]
Example: POLIS SAMAN 900256102256 [email protected] & send it to the same number mentioned above. The summon details will be sent to your email.

Send the SMS to 15888 or 32728. It costs RM0.20 for each SMS reply.

Pay your summonses online at these websites or at the post office:

Pay your summonses online at these websites or at the post office.

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CLICK HERE FOR MYEG: PDRM Summons Alert Registration, PDRM Summons Payment and AES Summons.

CLICK TO PAY AT RILEK: Rileks e-Service is valid for PDRM issued Summons only.

CLICK TO PAY AT JPJ WEBSITE: Road Transport Department (JPJ) is valid for JPJ Issued Summons.

PAY AT POS MALAYSIA: 1. Take a queue number 2. Show your IC 3. You will be told the summon amount after the discount 4. You pay the summon amount and make sure you get receipt for each summons.

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