"Immature & Rude" – Netizens Call Out Men For Giving Condoms To Couple At Their Wedding

After the video went viral, the groom apologised for causing any unsettled feelings on behalf of his friends.

Cover image via @MALAYSIAVIRALL (Twitter)

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In a two-minute-and-22-second video, a group of men are seen taking turns passing inappropriate gifts to a bride and groom at a wedding ceremony

The men, who appear to be friends of the groom, take turns showing off the wedding gifts they prepared to the camera before heading up to the couple. The gifts include boxes of condoms and penis rings.

While accepting the gifts, the groom can be seen smiling and laughing along with his friends. The bride, on the other hand, plays along and smiles in the beginning but her smile gradually dissipates as the video progresses.

A short camera pan of the surroundings also shows a child nearby watching the group of men.

The video that was first uploaded on TikTok has now been deleted, but it had already been shared on Twitter

The video went viral on Twitter community page @MALAYSIAVIRALL with a caption that read: "It's a pity to see how uncomfortable the bride is with people giving them inappropriate gifts on the pelamin. If any of them are your boyfriends, [you should] ask to break up and find another man. All of them in this video are useless."

According to mStar, the groom apologised for causing any unsettled feelings on behalf of his friends. The 23-year-old did not expect the video to go viral and said his friends also feel sorry for the joke that attracted so much attention.

Commenting on the issue, Muslim preacher Prof Madya Datuk Mohd Izhar Ariff Mohd Kashim also told Harian Metro, "Gifts should honour a wedding, not humiliate and degrade the newlyweds."

He added that the act can be ruled as haram as the inappropriate gifts were given so publicly.

As of writing, the video on Twitter has received over one million views and 12,000 quote retweets, with many of them slamming the group's behaviour

Many Twitter users agreed that the men in the video were very disrespectful of the couple in a wedding setting, especially given that the bride was visibly uncomfortable.

Some said that if they were in the same situation, they would tell their husband's friends to leave the hall.

"I'd expect my husband to stand up for me and do the same, or the wedding is off," wrote one user.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Another user explained that the problem with the video is because the joke is "immature and rude", and not because it is considered taboo in Malaysian culture.

Image via Twitter

Some users also questioned the behaviour of the adults, especially in the presence of a small child in the video.

Image via Twitter

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