"Guests From Hell" – Airbnb Owner Finds Home Trashed, Bed Broken & Forgotten Underwear

There were also unexplainable clumps of hair left in one of the bedrooms.

Cover image via Eric Leow (Facebook)

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An Airbnb host recently took to Facebook to vent his anger after a group of guests left his three-storey bungalow homestay in Penang completely trashed

"Don't ever think becoming a homestay owner is easy. If you encounter [guests from hell], you will vomit blood," wrote Facebook user Eric Leow last Sunday, 12 June.

The homestay owner was ranting after discovering his property in an utter mess when his guests checked out that day.

According to the photos he posted, the house was not only littered with empty alcohol bottles, playing cards, and cigarette butts, but Leow found that the guests had also broken two holes in a bed frame, stained his bedsheets with curry, and left unexplainable clumps of hair and a pair of underwear in the bedrooms.

The guests stayed for three days and two nights and were supposed to check out at 11am on Sunday, but only left at 4pm

They even refused to pay the late check out fee when Leow requested for it.

Leow told China Press that the irresponsible guests also left vomit uncleaned on the floor and lost one of his house keys.

He is unsure how many guests stayed at his homestay that is listed for up to 15 people, but he noted that were three cars parked in the driveway while they were there.

This is how his homestay usually looks like:

The host of four years said he also understands his responsibility as a host to clean up after a guest's stay, but he has never encountered such "guests from hell"

Leow told SAYS that he was only ranting on Facebook and does not plan to take any legal action or make a police report against the guests.

He has left a negative review of them on Airbnb and made a claim for damages on the platform.

He added that after spending over three hours cleaning, the cleaners and himself have restored the house to its original clean state, and asked future guests not to worry.

See Leow's full post here.

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A hotel manager also once took to social media to remind travellers to have basic manners and clean up after themselves: