Rude Homestay Guests In Subang Leave Apartment With Faeces On Bed And Rubbish Everywhere

According to the owner, a man booked the stay through an online platform and said that he was hosting a small gathering among friends.

Cover image via Jin (Provided to SAYS)

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A homestay owner in Subang recently shared their experience with guests who left a service apartment in shambles

A Facebook profile dubbed 'klshortstay-subangusj' uploaded several photos on the social media platform along with a caption that read, "A wake-up call to all homestay operators and hosts. In hard times during a pandemic like this, we all know that the hospitality and tourism sectors are affected badly. We are all going through tough times together, but it is sad to see people like this with no regard or empathy towards others."

They added, "It's not the first time this had happened, and I know doing this business we have to risk issues like this. But this 'culture' should no longer be kept in the dark. Even though through verbal and written warning: no smoking, no partying, people like you still do it."

SAYS reached out to the owner of the Facebook profile.

Introducing himself as Jin, the host said, "I just shared into the Airbnb host group to express my feelings and also warn other hosts to beware of suspicious guests (sic)."

A man booked a stay at the apartment through an online platform and said that he was hosting a small gathering among friends.

The next day, the housekeeper found the place in terrible condition with faeces on the bed and rubbish everywhere.

Jin said, "On the checkout date, my housekeeper sent me a video and some pictures, they held a party, and there was rubbish all over and faeces on the bed. I was so disappointed because this kind of party has taken place a few times before this."

He then added, "We warn guests not to smoke and party but they still do it. This kind of culture should not be a thing, renting people's homes and leaving it in such a mess."

Photos provided to SAYS show rubbish such as empty cans and drinking cups littered everywhere while fecal matter stained bedsheets and dripped down to the bedroom floor.

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Image from Jin (Provided to SAYS)
Image via Jin (Provided to SAYS)

Jin has decided to not take further legal action against the guests but stressed that it is important to spread awareness among others

"All business sectors are affected during the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), especially hospitality and tourism. We don't really make much profit per night and guests like this can cost us a lot in repairs and cleaning. We need to shut the house down for three days so it would be okay for the next guest," he said.

"I wanted to file a police report. Some of my friends also suggested taking legal action but I chose not to because cases like these are normally swept under the rug. I felt that the best way is to spread awareness to people who like to party and wreck people's houses and also warn other hosts to be wary," Jin added.

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