Airbnb Guests Trash Homestay In Shah Alam And Steal RM6,000 Worth Of Valuables

Valuables stolen from the homestay include a 42" LED TV, a laptop, three Bluetooth speakers, and even a PlayStation 4 and its accessories.

Cover image via Joe Eu/Airbnb & Homestay Host Malaysia (Facebook)

Editor's Note: The story has been updated to include a statement from Airbnb.

A Malaysian Airbnb host is on the hunt for six individuals after his rental apartment in Shah Alam, Selangor was completely trashed and ransacked of all its valuables

Homestay host Joe Eu took to Facebook group 'Airbnb & Homestay Host Malaysia' to share the incident and warn his fellow hosts of the five men and one woman who robbed his home during an overnight stay.

"SOS! Beware of this group of guests! They stayed at my house last night and now everything is gone as they damaged the place and stole everything!" he posted the morning after discovering the crime on Monday, 11 January.

Eu said they stayed on Sunday night and looted his house from 3.47pm to 3am the next morning, costing him damages and a loss of valuables worth over RM6,000.

The Airbnb Superhost had equipped his apartment unit with many entertainment systems and amenities for the comfort of his guests

However, that also meant he lost many valuables, including a 42" Philips LED TV, a PlayStation 4 with its two controllers and charging dock, a Lenovo laptop, a Philips mini Hi-Fi system, a SonicGear soundbar, a JBL mini Bluetooth speaker, a Philips DVD player, a portable air cooler, an induction cooker, a vacuum cleaner, and many other miscellaneous items.

On his Airbnb listing, he described his home as "a great place to getaway" as he also provided PlayStation games, DVDs, Netflix, Spotify, and even Astro GO subscriptions.

This is how Eu's homestay looked like before the robbery:

Image via Airbnb
Image via Airbnb

Eu wrote that he was upset that the suspects had taken advantage of his home and even broke the furniture that they did not manage to steal

He said he was shocked that they also dared to rob his property despite the building having closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras all around.

The host shared video recordings from his personal CCTV camera of the six guests blatantly making their way in and out of his apartment with his valuables.

Eu has reported the incident to the police but also called on the public to help identify and find the perpetrators

He shared CCTV screenshots of each of their faces on wanted posters in a Facebook post and said that the guests had rented the place under the name 'Reza Rejab', a verified Airbnb account with no reviews.

However, he assumes that it could be a fake name.

"If anyone has information about them, please private-message me," Eu said.

He added that he would give a reward in the form of a free five-night stay in his Airbnb in Shah Alam to anyone who could provide him with information.

Airbnb has also since issued a statement saying that they condemn the unacceptable behaviour shown by the suspects and will support both the home owner and the police in their investigations.

Read Eu's full post here.

These homeowners also had to deal with the aftermath of having irresponsible guests and tenants:

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