It Took Barely 24 Seconds For 2 Armed Men To Rob A Bank In KL And Escape!

The duo made away with RM17,500.

Cover image via UTUSAN ONLINE

On the afternoon of Friday, 22 June, a bank in Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak, was robbed in barely 24 seconds by two armed men who escaped with RM17,500 in the presence of an armed security guard

According to a report in The Star Online, the robbery, which took place at 3.56pm, happened so fast, that some of the seven bank workers, two security guards one of whom was armed, and two customers, who were inside the bank at the time of the crime, may not even have been aware that a robbery has taken place.

NST Online reported that while one man was waiting outside the bank on a motorcycle, the other walked into the bank while wearing a helmet and a mask and holding "a weapon resembling a pistol". He shouted, "Don't move!" before making his way to one of the vacant counters and grabbed the money inside the drawer.

The duo escaped without any hassle on their motorcycle towards the city.


At the time of the robbery, there were two security guards who were present in the bank. However, the one out in front was not armed.

"During the incident, the unarmed Nepali guard was at the front entrance while the Malaysian guard armed with pump gun was at the back," NST Online quoted Wangsa Maju OCPD Superintendent Mohamad Roy Suhaimi Sarif as saying.

According to Roy, they are still trying to determine if the armed guard was aware of the robbery. Police have called in the security guards to facilitate the investigation.

"We will record their statement to assist in our investigation into the case," he said.

A file photo of Wangsa Maju OCPD Superintendent Mohamad Roy Suhaimi Sarif.

Image via Hafiz Sohaimi/Berita Harian Online

Reportedly, police have not ruled out the possibility of an inside job

While the CCTV footage from the bank is being scrutinised, police officials are said to be investigating all angles, including the possibility of the robbery being an inside job.

According to The Star Online's report, they have also managed to lift a fingerprint from the drawer where the robber took the cash from. The case is being investigated under Section 395/397 of the Penal Code for armed gang-robbery.

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