Husband Wants To Divorce Wife Over Her Cockroach Phobia Which Caused Them To Move 17 Times

The wife, however, said her husband has used her phobia against her and tried to declare her as mentally ill.

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A couple from Bhopal, India have reportedly moved 17 times because all the houses had cockroaches and the wife couldn't take it

According to Malay Mail, the wife has an extreme fear for the six-legged insect. After moving over a dozen times due to the wife's request, the husband has had enough of her phobia and is seeking for a divorce.

Indian online site OpIndia reported that the man — who is a software engineer — only came to know about his wife's fear after they got married in 2017.

After they moved in together in 2018, the wife has been insistent on shifting to a new house whenever she spotted cockroaches at home.

The wife screams for help every time she comes across a cockroach, and then demands they move homes after encountering the pest.

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The wife claimed that her husband has used her phobia against her by taking her to psychiatrists for help and trying to declare her as mentally ill

The wife was upset by her husband's lack of compassion as he had taken her to several doctors, including the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for counselling in order to overcome her fear, reported China Press.

She said that she had tried her best to get over her phobia, but refused to take any medication for the anxiety induced by cockroaches.

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With that said, the husband still insists on a divorce and is seeking legal advice

It is reported that the man had even sought help from the BHAI Welfare Society, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that supports men trapped in fake dowry and domestic violence cases.

The founder of the NGO — Zaki Ahmed — had reportedly counselled the couple, but nothing came to fruition in the end, reported OpIndia.

The husband is looking to divorce his wife of four years as he said that he and his family members have had enough. They claimed to be ashamed and distressed by his wife's behaviour.

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