This Man Is Walking Backwards 700KM For A Good Cause

"My home is losing all of its trees so I have to do something."

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First of all, do you think walking backwards is challenging?

An Indonesian man is walking backwards for 700km from Java to Jakarta.

His cause? To raise awareness for deforestation.

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Medi Bastoni set out on his in-reverse journey in mid-July, with the goal of reaching Jakarta by 16 August, a day before Indonesia's Independence Day

In Jakarta, the 43-year-old hopes to meet with Indonesian president Joko Widodo to highlight the issue of deforestation across the country, including at his home on Mount Wilis, a dormant volcano.

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The father of four walks 20 to 30km every day, with a rear-view mirror attached to his backpack to avoid bumping into objects.

Along the way, supporters cheer him on and offer him meals or a place to stay, reported AFP.

Medi shared that he chose to walk backwards as he wanted to encourage Indonesians to reflect on the past and remember how national heroes fought for the good of their country

"Of course I'm exhausted, but I'm willing to do this to fight for the next generation," Mr Medi told AFP.

"My home is losing all of its trees so I have to do something. I can take the pain and fatigue."

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Check out a video of his heroic act here:

Aside from Indonesia, deforestation is also an issue in Malaysia:

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