Influencer Addresses Chaotic 'RM1 Baju Raya' Incident At Shah Alam Boutique

Uciluna explained that the boutique was not expecting the scene to escalate to that degree.

Cover image via @uciluna_ (TikTok)

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Following the improper crowd control incident over a promotional 'RM1 Baju Raya' at a boutique in Shah Alam last weekend, the collaborating influencer has taken to social media to address the issue

Videos of the incident went viral, showing large crowds pressing on the glass at the front of the store and of customers throwing and damaging merchandise in the boutique.

According to Shah Alam district police chief ACP Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim, it was estimated around 500 people came to the store to get their hands on the 'RM1 Baju Raya' promotion.

When it was discovered that the prices were not as advertised, dissatisfied customers began reacting aggressively.

It was reported that several people were injured during the scuffle. The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) were called to defuse the situation at around 11.45am.

Following the incident, Uciluna, the influencer collaborating with the boutique, posted a five-minute long video to address the situation on TikTok and Instagram. The video has gained over 1.5 million views on TikTok, and 91,000 views on Instagram at the time of writing.

Uciluna explained that the 'RM1 Baju Raya' promotion was not entitled to the first 100 customers, but instead was only given to customers based on their queue number

Uciluna clarified that the management had set a number for the distribution of the 'RM1 Baju Raya'. Only customers with certain queue numbers would be entitled to the promotional prices.

Customers with queue numbers in between would receive other gifts, such as free kurtas and hijabs.

He had initially intended to limit the gifts to the first 100 people. However, judging from number of people who showed up, he and his team had to increase the gift distribution to more than 350 customers before the situation got out of hand.

He further apologised for his absence by saying it was not safe for him to come down to the store as the situation was escalating quick, with customers stealing and throwing merchandise in the store

The influencer stated that he had intentions to greet customers at the boutique but the chaos made it unsafe for him to come down. He added that the boutique was not expecting an overwhelming response as it did on the day of the incident.

He apologised on behalf of the boutique for not being able to set up necessary precautions, and for not controlling the crowd well enough to prevent injuries and police intervention.

He also advised customers to be more mindful of each other when in distressing situations such as what happened on Saturday.

Uciluna further stated that he bears full responsibility for what had happened and assures that future events will have the necessary safety measures to control large crowds.

Customers seen causing chaos in the boutique in Shah Alam.

Image via Kosmo!

Uciluna announced that the promotional event will have a do-over with more safety precautions taken to ensure the incident does not repeat

Before ending his statement, the influencer acknowledged this mishap as a learning curve for him and his team.

He ensured that future events will have more transparency and better management to guarantee customers will be safe and satisfied when shopping. 

Watch the full statement below:

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