Influencer Fined RM1,500 For Not Wearing A Face Mask In Video He Filmed With PDRM Officers

The video was parodying local celebrities who flouted standard operating procedures (SOPs) and travelled across states amidst the pandemic. However, many netizens criticised the influencer for failing to abide by the SOPs himself.

Cover image via Instagram

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An Instafamous personality has been fined RM1,500 for not wearing a face mask in a video he filmed with police and Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) officers

According to Bernama, Putrajaya district police chief ACP Mohd Fadzil Ali said the influencer breached standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the National Security Council (MKN) and had turned up at the Putrajaya district police headquarters to give his statement.

He said the video — involving the suspect, two Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) officers, and one ATM officer — was filmed in Bukit Rimau, Presint 3, Putrajaya.

Although the report did not name the suspect, it is believed that he is an influencer with 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

Image via Instagram

The two-minute long video is believed to be shot as a parody to mock people using ridiculous excuses to travel across states in conjunction with the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration

In it, the influencer is stopped by the authorities, before he pulls out large display cards to tell the police and ATM officers why he needs to travel across states.

'For work purposes', 'To go back to Pasar Langsir', 'To make preparations for marriage', 'To return to the home of my second wife', 'I miss my father and mother', and 'I am Instafamous' are the six display cards he shows to the authorities.

The officers acting in the video can be seen denying all of his reasons before apprehending him.

Utusan Malaysia reported Mohd Fadzil as saying that officers featured in the video were attached to the Putrajaya district police headquarter's Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) SOPs compliance team.

"I have never allowed the video to be recorded or published, and no payment nor gift was received by the PDRM in this case," he said.

Image via Instagram

At the time of writing, the influencer's video has garnered over 121,000 likes on his Instagram page

Even though the video was made as a parody and encouraged fellow Malaysians to "be patient" about celebrating Hari Raya with family members, one Twitter user reuploaded his video on Twitter and criticised him for making the video.

"Those are all stupid reasons Instafamous like you give. You don't wear a face mask in the video. Didn't get fined for that?" the caption carrying the video read.

The tweet garnered over 3,100 retweets and 3,200 likes. Many netizens also reprimanded the influencer for brazenly breaching SOPs.

"Request PDRM and MKN to investigate this. The content of this video has already shown an offence made by the Instafamous personality. He does not follow the SOPs set. Please take appropriate action. (The video also) involved authorities in uniforms and a police vehicle," read a reply.

"On Twitter, everybody criticises his video. But when I watch it on Instagram, all (the comments) say it is hilarious. Until now, I still can't figure out which part of the video is hilarious," a Twitter user said.

Image via Twitter

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