Indonesian Influencer Slammed For Riding Jet Ski With 5-Month-Old Baby Without Life Jacket

Another video featuring Ria Ricis taking Moana on an ATV ride came under scrutiny as well.

Cover image via @riaricis1795 (Instagram)

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Ria Ricis, an Indonesian YouTuber with 30.8 million subscribers, recently came under fire when she posted a video of her five-month-old baby riding a jet ski with her and her husband

In the video posted on 2 January, Ria's daughter Moana, can be seen standing on her father, Teuku Ryan's lap without a life jacket. Teuku is seen steering the jet ski with one hand while one arm is holding Moana.

Both Teuku and Ria are wearing their own life jackets in the video.

While the couple enjoyed the ride, netizens were furious to see Moana flinching from the wind and water, while gripping her father's shirt tightly as if to keep steady.

Moana (left) hanging on to Teuku (middle) while the family rides on a jet ski.

Image via @riaricis1795 (Instagram)

The influencer uploaded an extended version of the Instagram video on her YouTube channel on 1 January, where her daughter was shown wearing a life jacket in certain moments of the trip

According to the video, Moana only wore a life jacket before the jet ski ride, during the trip out to deeper waters, and when Ria brought her into the sea for a dip.

During the ride back to shore, Moana was no longer wearing the life jacket.

Moana wearing a life jacket before the jet ski ride and while swimming in the sea.

Image via Ricis Official (YouTube)

Ria's videos have since gone viral, with many netizens criticising her and her husband for endangering their daughter

One of the main criticisms that Ria received was concerned her priorities, with many accusing her of placing more importance on her channels' content than the safety of her own child.

Other netizens felt pity for Moana, saying that she deserved to be treated better by her parents.

Image via YouTube

Another of her videos has received flak from the public for showing Moana on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) ride without a helmet

In the video, Ria and Teuku can be seen taking their daughter on the ATV ride, although Moana was presumably ready for a nap.

The baby can be seen yawning and drifting in and out of slumber as her parents traversed through the muddy jungle terrain on the vehicle

Ria carrying a sleeping Moana in her arms while she and her husband enjoy an ATV ride.

Image via @riaricis1795 (Instagram)

The YouTuber issued an apology to the public and acknowledged that her daughter was not age-appropriate for the activity

According to Surya Kepri, Ria admitted that Moana did not meet the weight and height requirements to ride on the jet ski.

"We (Ria and Teuku) admit that we were wrong. We are grateful to our friends who reminded us of our mistake. Please do not imitate what we did," Ria said.

The couple also appeared on Indonesian talk show Rumpi No Secret and apologised to the public for her perceived parental negligence.

"She's at the age where if she was uncomfortable, she would have expressed her emotions. However, she was quite calm and quiet throughout the jet ski ride," Ria explained.

Ria and Teuku on Indonesian talk show Rumpi No Secret.

Image via TRANS TV Official (YouTube)

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