ISIS Militants Are Kicking Each Other In The Balls In A Bizarre New Video

Probably inspired by Johnny English.

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ISIS has released a new propaganda video - it's bizarre, uncomfortable and border line hilarious

The 14-minute long footage shows an almost laughable training session featuring playground games like leap frog and militants getting kicked in the... balls

Bizarre new footage from a jihadi terror training camp has emerged showing ISIS fighters playing playground games like leap-frog and forming a human pyramid. The 14-minute video also shows one strange exercise where the training instructor kicks each recruit in the genitals and thighs to test their strength.

Set to music in Arabic, the video appeared on the militant group's social media this week and shows militants training at an undisclosed location

The jihadi group claim the training camp was in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, where ISIS have been trying to develop splinter franchises.

Dressed in identical colours with matching ISIS branded bandanas, the militants also did sit-ups and stretches

Doing some stretching.

Image via Dailymail

Militants get up close and personal by doing a number of sit-ups.

Image via Dailymail

The video shows the terrorists leapfrogging over each other, and one even soars over a cluster of comrades like he’s training for the Olympics. Fighters are seen doing stretches as a fellow terrorist fires a rifle at them.
Image via Dailymail

Things get stranger as the fighters are shown hopping over the shoulders of others.

At one point of the video, one of the militants gave a hate-filled speech as the rest took part in a close combat demo session

Image via Dailymail

There is even enough time in the video for one of the fighters to give a hate-filled speech as the rest of the fighter watch some close combat moves. Surprisingly absent from the terror camp exercises is the usual burning hoops, in which the recruits are regularly shown diving through a tall metal hoop covered in a flammable substance.

Watch a shorter version of the video here:

We're not sure if the militants were inspired by this scene from Johnny English...

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Granted, one does need balls of steel to go into battle.

Did you know ISIS communicates to its followers using a messaging app that offers end-to-end encryption and self-destructing messages?

The hacktivist group, Anonymous announced an all-out cyberwar against ISIS:

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