Israeli Newspaper Faces Backlash For "How To Use Wartime Stress To Lose Weight" Article

"This current period may actually present an opportunity to address the issue of obesity and stay healthy," reads the article.

Cover image via Reuters & New York Post

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An Israeli newspaper, Jerusalem Post, sparked outrage after publishing an article that tells readers how the stress from the Israel-Hamas war can help them lose weight

According to the New York Post, the Israeli publication promoted the article on its social media accounts with the hashtags #Israel, #HamasTerrorist, #Gaza, and #weightloss.

Jerusalem Post was then met with criticism online, prompting the newspaper to take down the article.

"The ongoing state of stress and anxiety in Israel has led to weight gain for many, but understanding how stress works can actually aid in shedding pounds while maintaining overall health," read the subheadline of the article.

Image via New York Post

The Jerusalem Post's editor-in-chief, Avi Maye, claimed that the article was published by accident

"The article in question was produced by our Hebrew-language sister publication, Walla News, and was uploaded to our website using an automated translation mechanism.

"It did not meet our editorial standards and was thus removed once our staff was made aware of it," said Maye.

Image via Reuters

The article was originally written by Dr Raz Hagoel, an Israeli doctor who owns a medical weight loss clinic

"Extended hours spent in front of the television, lack of physical activity, and emotional eating to find comfort all make it difficult to maintain a healthy diet," wrote Hagoel in the article.

He added that "stress-induced lack of sleep experienced over the past two weeks can lead to obesity."

Hagoel went on to say that Israelis who are holed up in bomb shelters as Palestinian rockets and missiles rain down on their cities can take comfort in the fact that "this current period may actually present an opportunity to address the issue of obesity and stay healthy."

The doctor also wrote that wartime stress and anxiety can cause stomach disorders, causing people to avoid or reduce their food intake and potentially lose weight.

According to the New York Post, the Jerusalem Post has a print circulation of 15,000 but an online readership of approximately 4 million.

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