Billie Eilish Fans Are Pissed Off With Concert Organisers For Misleading Floor Plan

Fans are furious and disappointed over the huge distance between the seats and the stage, which was different from how it was advertised.

Cover image via @khairulaming (Twitter) & PR Worldwide

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Billie Eilish fans are disappointed after attending the Happier Than Ever concert at National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, yesterday, 18 August

They shared their frustrations on Twitter after discovering that the floor plan was not the same as advertised, with many calling it a scam.

One of the concert-goers, cooking influencer @khairulaming, shared the view of the stage from his seat, saying, "The stage is so far away."

His seat is believed to be in Category 2 (CAT 2), according to the seatmap by Live Nation on their ticketing website.

Image via Twitter

For reference, this was the advertised layout plan:

Image via PR Worldwide

In contrast, there was a huge field and running track in between the Standing Zone and the CAT 2 seating area.

In the same thread, he said, "I think Ed Sheeran's concert before this was better because it was held at Axiata Arena. This one has so many empty spaces. We should've brought binoculars."

Netizens shared frustration over the misleading seatmap that the organiser used to sell the tickets

A Twitter user compared the fans' expectations of the concert's floor plan to the real seating plan at the venue. 

Image via Twitter

A netizen tweeted, "The seat in Section 212 is okay, but I'm not satisfied because the screen was small."

People also think that the huge gap between CAT 2 seats and the stage was a waste of space, with one saying, "What a waste and weird layout. It's better to watch the concert from other people's Instagram stories if the seating was like this."

Upon seeing @khairulaming's tweet, a Twitter user wondered what the tents at the stage area were for, to which @khairulaming replied, "It's probably for the audio system. But those are 'kenduri' tents."

Image via Twitter

A fan shared a photo of how the tent blocked their view of the stage during the concert.

Some demanded a refund for the tickets, saying, "Give us back our money! We, from the CAT 2 seats, don't deserve this bullsh-t!"

They think that buying tickets for CAT 2 was not worth it since the price difference between it and the standing zone was not much. The price of CAT 2 was RM508 and the standing zone, which was close to the stage, cost about RM600. 

However, people with CAT 2 tickets were seated in the same area as those in CAT 3 and 4.

Image via Twitter

People also suggested local concert organisers learn from international organisers when it comes to seating plans

A netizen shared a photo of a concert at SoFi stadium in California, contending that it made good use of the space as a concert venue.

"Big screen, big stages, (and) good seat organisation," they said.

Image via Twitter

SAYS has reached out to Live Nation for a comment on the matter but has yet to receive a response.

Two days ago, fans were excited to see Billie Eilish go-karting in KL:

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