UiTM Johor Student Makes Police Report Alleging Lecturer Sexually Harassed Her In 2021

The lecturer has since allegedly reached out multiple times to the student to beg her to retract her police reports.

Cover image via TOK NAL & @awwinnn_ (Twitter)

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A student from University Technology Mara (UiTM), Johor has lodged a police report against her lecturer who allegedly sexually harassed her in 2021.

In a Twitter thread on 16 August, Farah detailed the incident and how she only gained the courage a year later to tell the story.

According to her tweets, on 31 May last year, the lecturer had asked Farah to answer a survey for research purposes. It was around 11.45pm when he reached out to her to answer the questions.

Farah agreed to the request as it's not uncommon for students to participate in surveys sent by lecturers. However, upon receiving the survey, Farah found that the questions were very sexual and mostly centred around sex and masturbation.

Nevertheless, she answered the questions as she believed that the survey could be of benefit to data research on sexual harassment cases, as the lecturer claimed the purpose of the survey was.

Farah consented to SAYS embedding her tweets for this story.

The lecturer was someone Farah trusted and she assumed that he would not do something that would harm her in any way

However, according to Farah, she began to feel like something was amiss when the lecturer called her at 12.30am, and began to talk "nonsense" about wanting to do sexual acts with students.

Feeling disturbed by this, she shared screenshots of the texts between her and the lecturer to her friends, asking if she was being sexually harassed.

"Throughout the call, I was still clueless, stupid, unable to think. [I] was still thinking well of him even when he was talking nonsense. He even told me about his experiences with students," she wrote in her thread.

Disturbed by the lecturer's behaviour, she began to record the incriminating conversation as evidence

Farah also decided to ask her other university mates regarding the survey and see if they were also recruited to answer it.

When she found out that she was the only one who was sent the survey, she realise that she was duped into giving private information to her lecturer.

A year later, she finally decided to file a police report against her lecturer for sexual harassment. She mentioned that she didn't make the report sooner due to her feeling afraid.

For the record, there is no expiration date for when a police report must be lodged in criminal cases, while civil cases have a window of six years after the date of the act was committed.

Since lodging two police reports against him, Farah alleges that the lecturer has been trying to contact her to apologise and make amends for his behaviour

In the following tweets, the student said that she had to block the lecturer on all forms of communication, including having to leave the WhatsApp class group chat that the lecturer is also a member of. However, blocking him didn't seem to be enough as Farah alleged that the lecturer has gone as far as coming to her home to apologise and beg her to take the allegations down.

Farah has also posted a TikTok video, showing an alleged voice message sent by the lecturer to her, swearing in the name of God, that he will never commit such acts ever again and once again begged Farah to withdraw the police reports against him.

She said she has not responded to any of his pleas and continues to post updates of the case on her Twitter account.

Farah said UiTM has contacted both her and the lecturer to resolve the matter and she is still waiting for updates on her case from the police

However, according to an image shared to Buzzkini, Farah said that the lecturer had allegedly told the university that the issue between him and Farah has been resolved and that the case was closed.

Shocked by this update, Farah contacted the investigating officer (IO) handling her case, asking if her case was truly closed. The officer confirmed with Farah that her case was still open and ongoing.

Speaking with SAYS, Farah said that she hopes that her case can be resolved and she can have closure from the incident as soon as possible.

A special officer of UiTM's vice-chancellor, identified as Mohd Yusof Mustaffar on Twitter, has reached out to Farah in her Twitter thread, saying that UiTM is currently taking action.

According to The Rakyat Post, the lecturer was allegedly a borrowed lecturer from a different university and had used UiTM's letterhead to make the survey look legitimate and to lure students to answer it.

Other students, who were also alleged victims of the lecturer, have since reached out to Farah and shared their own experiences with her

One such victim accused the lecturer of asking her and her friend to visit his office after working hours and told them to answer a survey similar to what Farah received. 

The lecturer even allegedly showed the victims lewd videos and went as far as inappropriately touching one of them.

Another victim commended Farah for speaking out on the issue when they were not brave enough. They also shared that they were given the same survey that Farah mentioned in her own story.

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