Over 15 Students Come Forward With Sexual Harassment Allegations Against A UiTM Lecturer

A representative from the institution told SAYS that the issue is now under investigation.

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This story contains discussions of sexual harassment that might be distressing to some readers.

Sexual harassment allegations against a lecturer at the Centre of Foundation Studies (CFS) Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in Dengkil have recently surfaced on social media

Considering the sensitivity of the situation, SAYS has decided to not reveal any of the victims' names and information in order to protect their identities.

Over 15 victims have reached out to SAYS and provided screenshots of their own personal conversations with the lecturer where he made explicit sexual remarks

This issue first came to light when netizens on Twitter started a conversation on possible higher education paths for candidates following the recent Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) results announcement.

While discussing the prospects of pursuing an education at CFS UiTM Dengkil, several people warned others to avoid a particular lecturer who is said to exhibit predatory behaviour.

Students and ex-students alike then started to share their own personal stories about their encounters with the lecturer.

In a group conversation among the lecturer and his students, he said, "I'm a lecturer, I have to look at you all as innocent. I can't look at you all with horny face (sic), I'll get fired right away"

"Though I did that sometimes," he added.

He then proceeded to say that he can never get his eyes off a student's breasts.

Another person also told SAYS that he admitted to "doing fun business" with a student

"I never sneaked (sic) into someone's room to do fun business. But I always sneaked (sic) someone into my room to do fun business. Even my office at Dengkil," he wrote.

"Let me tell you one secret. I did fun business with one of your batchmates," he added.

There are many other screenshots of students' conversations with the lecturer that were submitted to SAYS and they all contain sexual or romantic undertones.

Several ex-students said that he would invite them out to dinner or offer to gift them flowers and other items, even lingerie.

One of the victims told SAYS, "I wasn't even his student to begin with, I've seen him teaching other classes but had never really spoken to him in person. He approached me through Twitter and started to ask for more details regarding my tweets which were mostly related to my relationship and boys. Then, on Instagram, he would reply to my stories flirtatiously. Whenever I was in KL or Selangor, he would offer to meet up at his office or his place, offering to cook or buy me food."

The following screenshots show the ex-student's conversation with the lecturer on her birthday.

He offered to buy her a gift and said, "I'll give you condoms. Practice safe sex for future use."

The ex-student then laughed the question off.

He then said, "What brand do you want? Tell me. But it'll be a waste, after one use you can't use it anymore. So no. If lingerie, then I'll have to see you in it first, then only I'll give it to you."

UiTM told SAYS that they have launched an investigation into the matter

However, when SAYS asked whether it was a police investigation or internal investigation, the UiTM head of public relations, media, protocol, and event management Nora Noordin chose not to comment further.

Meanwhile, Bukit Aman Sexual, Women, and Child Investigations Division (D11) principal assistant director ACP Siti Kamsiah Hassan recently emphasised that individuals can be charged for making sexual remarks

In an interview with Utusan Malaysia, Siti Kamsiah said, "Uttering obscene words or insulting the modesty of a person can be investigated under Section 509 of the Penal Code."

"The section carries a punishment of five years of imprisonment, a fine, or both if convicted," she added.

"People have to be more alert about an issue, if possible, do not touch on the personal matters or sexual matters of an individual. Maybe the intention is to joke around but not everyone can accept that," she said.

"Furthermore, in certain situations, words and actions can be considered a crime. Especially words or actions that shame as well as insult the honour of the individual."

Bukit Aman Sexual, Women, and Child Investigations Division (D11) principal assistant director ACP Siti Kamsiah Hassan.

Image via Sinar Harian

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