Japan's Famous Cherry Blossom Trees Have Unexpectedly Bloomed In Autumn

It's a miracle!

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Good news to anyone travelling to Japan this month!

The famed cherry blossom trees, which draws in tourists from all over the world in the spring, has unexpectedly bloomed in autumn.

Image via asia2fun

Meteorological firm Weathernews revealed that more than 300 people across Japan had reported seeing the famous pink and white blooms in their neighbourhood in a survey conducted last week, according to Channel NewsAsia.

A tree doctor at the Flower Association of Japan explained that the surprise bloom could be due to unusual weather patterns in Japan in the past year

Image via BBC

Hiroyuki Wada told public broadcaster NHK that violent storms had stripped trees of their leaves, which usually release a chemical that inhibits blooming before spring.

A series of unusually warm days after the active typhoons could also have confused the plants into flowering.

Image via Kyuhoshi

"This has happened in the past, but I don't remember seeing something of this scale," he said.

For those with plans to visit Japan for the cherry blossoms next spring, fret not.

According to Wada, this unexpected flowering should not affect its regularly scheduled bloom.

"The buds that opened now won't blossom in the coming spring," he explained.

However, Wada added that, "I don't think it will affect cherry blossom viewing (next year)," he told NHK.

Meanwhile, severe weather conditions may also be causing a massive global beer shortage:

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