Beer Prices May Increase Dramatically Soon Because Of Global Warming

Trouble is brewing.

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Massive global beer shortage is expected due to the rising temperatures caused by climate change

According to a new study by Nature Plants, severe weather conditions will cause a disruption to the supply of barley crops since they are sensitive to drought and heat

Barley yields could see a decline between 3% and 17% under climate change, as reported by CNN.

Without enough supply to meet the demand, beer prices are set to see an increase

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According to Business Insider, the rising global temperatures could affect the production of barley.

The weather conditions in the next few years could see about a 16% decrease in global beer consumption, equivalent to 29 billion litres.

Additionally, the beer shortage could have social and political consequences as well

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The shortage of beer could lead to a new kind of social instability and prohibition in which beer becomes a luxury good that's more expensive but less available, especially for the working class.

"Really, the countries who love beer will suffer a lot," said the co-author of the study and a climate change economics professor Dabo Guan.

However, some have said that in comparison to other crops, barley is less important

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Oldways Whole Grains Council program director Caroline Sluyter said that barley is less important compared to crops like rice, corn, and wheat that have seen reductions in the past.

"Those three make up about 50% of the world's calories, so they're huge in people's diets," she added.

It is reported that only about a sixth of the world's harvested barley are used for beer and the rest are fed to livestock. 

"The aim of the study is not to encourage people to drink more today."

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"We have to all work together to mitigate climate change," Guan said, adding that the study is trying to show how climate change will impact your quality of life.

Speaking of alcohol, there has been a surge in alcohol-poisoning cases in the past few months:

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