Japanese Govt Invites Malaysian Teachers To Apply For Their 2021 Training Scholarships

The government is also giving out scholarships to university students interested in Japanese Studies.

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The Japanese government is inviting qualified Malaysians to apply for their Japanese Studies and Teacher Training scholarships that will see successful applicants in Japan by October 2021

The Embassy of Japan in Malaysia recently announced that application for these scholarships are open now until 18 February.

"Qualified Malaysian nationals who would like to pursue their studies in Japan are invited to apply," they said in a press release on 6 January.

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The scholarships include monthly allowances, paid fees for all tuition and examinations, as well as a round-trip flight ticket to Japan

Although the amount is subject to change, the embassy said each Japanese Studies grantee will get a monthly allowance of JPY117,000 (RM4,400), while a Teacher Training grantee will be given JPY143,000 (RM5,400).

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The scholarships are specifically for undergraduate students already majoring in Japanese Studies and for Malaysian teachers with at least five years' teaching experience

The Japanese Studies scholarship will entail a one year non-degree course in Japan.

Applicants must be second or third year undergraduate students already studying Japanese Language or Japanese Culture in their local universities. They must also be aged between 18 and 29, and already have a good command of the Japanese language.

As for the Teacher Training scholarship, which is a one and half year non-degree course, applicants must be university graduates or teacher training college graduates who have worked in local primary and secondary schools with at least five years' experience.

Applicants must be under 35 years old, have good command of English, and are willing to learn Japanese.

While Japanese Studies applications can be sent directly to the embassy, those interested in the Teacher Training scholarship will have to go through the Public Service Department (JPA) to apply.

For more information, visit the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia's website here.

Here's the Embassy's post on Facebook:

Working in Japan may also be enticing: