[VIDEO] Jaywalking Pedestrian In S'Pore Got Angry At Driver For Honking At Him

The man then tried to kick the car bonnet to stop it.

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A pedestrian in Singapore who violated traffic regulations was caught on video blaming a driver of a car who honked at him

According to Facebook page SG Road Vigilante, the incident took place at Balestier Road, Singapore on 18 July. 

The 20-second short video which was uploaded on 20 July has since generated over 190,000 views and 1,900 shares on Facebook.

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The man could be seen glued to his phone while crossing the road

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A motorist driving was blocked by the man who seemed to not have noticed the oncoming vehicle while the traffic light for pedestrians to cross was turned red.

SG Road Vigilante shared that while the motorist honked his car to alert the pedestrian, the man - instead of retreating or apologising - lost his temper at the motorist.

He then continued to block the car, refusing to let the motorist drive away

The pedestrian could be seen muttering angrily and pointing at the opposite road.

When the motorist was about to swerve away, the man could be seen lifting his leg in what appears to be him trying to kick the car bonnet to stop it before finally walking away.

The video incident sparked outrage among many Singaporeans

Many netizens criticised the man for behaving in such a manner when it was he who clearly violated the traffic regulations in the first place.

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Others joked if the man thought the red and green worked differently in Singapore.

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On the other hand, one user praised the motorist for being very alert, adding that if the motorist had not paid any attention, the man "would meet with Lord God."

Watch the video here:

18jul2019 Balestier Road redlight, still want to cross. cam car horn and then try to inch forward. jaywalker not scare. ............ sit back , relax. watch for yourself..

Posted by SG Road Vigilante - SGRV on Saturday, July 20, 2019

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