JIPS Says They Have Identified 2 PDRM Officers Accused Of Harassing Women Drivers

The director of PDRM's integrity department said that the two accused officers have since given their statements over the allegations made against them.

Cover image via Utusan Malaysia & Sayuti Zainudin/Malay Mail

The two Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) personnel accused of harassing two women drivers at different roadblocks have now been identified in a joint investigation headed by the PDRM's integrity department

According to Bukit Aman Integrity and Standard Compliance Department (JIPS) director Datuk Zamri Yahya, the investigation was jointly conducted by the Kuala Lumpur and Bukit Aman JIPS after the allegations against the officers were shared on social media by the two victims over the week.

In a report earlier today, 14 February, Malaysiakini reported the JIPS director as saying that his department recorded statements from the two women to identify the accused police personnel and gather evidence.

"This (process) includes identification of the police personnel involved, and if there were any recorded communications between them," Malaysiakini quoted Zamri as saying.

This comes a day after Zamri assured that both the incidents of alleged wrongdoings in Penang and Kuala Lumpur were being investigated and appropriate action will be taken against those involved.

Zamri said that the identified PDRM personnel's statements have been recorded by his department to get information or a confession

Yesterday, the JIPS director, while addressing the seriousness of the two allegations, had advised on-duty officers to not do or say anything that is beyond the official job scope.

"The offences as described by the complainants are serious misconduct that could tarnish the image of the police force," Zamri said, adding, "I would also like to remind that officers and policemen who are on duty need to be professional and don't do or say anything that is beyond the official job scope."

In the first incident in Penang, a woman alleged she was stopped by an officer at a roadblock, following which he took down her details

The officer later texted the woman asking if he could get to know her.

In her tweet posted late Thursday night, 11 February, she shared a screenshot of the WhatsApp texts the officer sent to her after she was stopped at a Movement Control Order (MCO) roadblock.

According to the woman, she was on the way to buy some groceries.

In the tweet, she alleged that the PDRM officer stopped her and asked her where she was going.

He then told her to stop at the roadside, took down all her information including her identification number, phone number, and details of her licence.

According to the timestamp in the screenshot of the WhatsApp chat, she received a text from the officer identifying as the police officer who just stopped her at the roadblock.

When she asked if there was an issue, the officer said, "Noting la. Can I get to know you?"

In the other incident, a woman alleged an officer sexually harassed her for not wearing a bra when she was stopped at a roadblock in KL

In a series of tweets posted late Friday night, 12 February, the woman wrote that she wasn't wearing a bra, something the officer manning the roadblock noticed it and proceeded to question her about it.

"I wasn't wearing a bra, and then somehow the police notice it??? And he questions why didn't I wear a bra. And at that time, I forgot to bring my licence," she said, adding, "Another officer went to the tent because he wanted to take the device to check whether my IC has a licence or not."

In her tweets, she alleges that the officer - whom she named as Asyraf or Ashraf - came close to the driver's side window and told her if she showed him she's not wearing a bra, he wouldn't issue her a fine.

She claimed that she tried to call the hotline for the JIPS to lodge a report about the officer's behaviour but no one picked up.

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