Jocelyn Chia's "No Internet" Joke Made M'sians Report Her Accounts 'Til They Got Suspended

As of writing, Chia’s Instagram account has been deleted, while her Twitter account has been suspended.

Cover image via TikTok & @faiiqfahmie (Twitter)

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It is purported that comedian Jocelyn Chia's Twitter account is currently suspended after a large number of Malaysians reported it in response to her recent viral standup routine

The account's suspension was noticed by many social media users on Wednesday, 7 June. Twitter user @faIiqfahmie posted screenshots from Chia's performance, in which she joked about Malaysia's economic state and how Malaysians "don't have Internet".

In rebuttal of the comedian's jokes, the user also included a screenshot of her suspended Twitter account and sarcastically asked, "You still think we don't have Internet?"

As of writing, the comedian's Instagram account has also appeared to have been wiped.

Before the suspension, Chia had shared the offensive routine on her own account, which drew hundreds of angry comments from Malaysians who were unimpressed with her definition of comedy.

However, Chia's TikTok account is still active, where the comedian has recently reuploaded the standup routine after the original viral video on Comedy Cellar's account was taken down.

Image via Screenshot/SAYS

Many netizens have since applauded the suspension of her social media accounts and hoped that the comedian would not continue to incite Malaysians

One user commented that netizens were fast at doing their job.

Image via Twitter

"Hope she has a good sense of mind not to further provoke the situation and fade away quietly in New York," wrote another.

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, one user tagged Malaysian comedian Jason Leong after he publicly showed support for Chia's jokes.

"Hope this enabler will also be punished," they wrote.

Image via Twitter

Chia recently drew ire from Malaysians for making jokes about missing flight MH370 while performing a standup routine at Comedy Cellar in New York

During her set, the comedian also compared Singapore to Malaysia and belittled the latter for being a developing country.

"40 years later, we became a first world country. And you guys, Malaysia? What are you now? Still a developing country," she mocked.

She made comments about MH370 before being interrupted by a member of the audience, a Malaysian, who said that he was going to give her a bad Yelp review.

It was at this moment that Chia joked about Malaysians not having access to the Internet.

In an update today, 9 June, Chia said she has recovered access to her Instagram account:

Malaysians were outraged by Chia's insensitive jokes after a clip of her routine was uploaded on TikTok:

Many celebrities have responded to her set, including Malaysian comedian Harith Iskander:

Meanwhile, the Singapore High Commissioner to Malaysia said that Chia is "no longer Singaporean":

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