M'sian Pays RM50 For A Packet Of Rojak After Uncle Excused Him To Pay Next Time

They both did not have small change.

Cover image via 迷弟 Chiew Wei (Facebook)

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A man in Skudai, Johor, paid a hawker RM50 for a packet of rojak after he was touched by the elderly uncle's kindness despite his limited mobility

Facebook user and frequent livestreamer Chiew Wei took to his account last Friday, 6 January, to share the encounter.

The 27-year-old said he had parked right next to the rojak seller's stall while he was dropping off some customers' goods in Taman Nusa Bestari.

After settling his work, Chiew Wei said he decided to buy some rojak. He said that at the time, the uncle was resting at the back of his van, so, due to the hot weather, he requested the uncle send the food to his car when he was done preparing it.

"Of course, no problem," the uncle told him.

While waiting in the car, the young man said he was suddenly horrified when he realised that the uncle was using a walking stick to bring his food over

"I immediately wound down my car window and apologised to him," Chiew Wei wrote on Facebook, adding that he felt absolutely guilty.

"Uncle, sorry, sorry. I didn't realise it was not easy for you to move around. If I knew, I would have waited and taken it myself. I wouldn't have troubled you to come over and give it to me."

However, Chiew Wei said the uncle only waved off the matter and said it was okay.

In another moment of trouble, the young man then realised that he did not have any change to pay RM7 for the snack

"I only had big notes at the time, and uncle told me that he also did not have any change," Chiew Wei recounted.

"But he said, 'Not to worry, I will change your note at the opposite stall.'"

Again, horrified at the idea of letting the uncle move about when he could easily do it himself, Chiew Wei quickly got out of the car and said he would change the money instead.

But as he was about to cross the street, the uncle told him, "Ah boy, next time just come again and pay me back, it's okay. I'll treat you this time."

Touched by the notion, Chiew Wei said he gave the uncle the RM50 in his hand to pay for the rojak with no hesitation.

"He accepted it with such a happy face and kept repeating that I paid him too much. But really, to see his happy smile, I think this RM50 box of rojak was worth it."

Garnering over 2,300 shares on the Facebook post, the Johor local has also shared the location of the uncle's stall, hoping that other netizens would buy rojak from him

"This uncle made me see that every individual is working hard to live a good life, especially this uncle with limited mobility," Chiew Wei reflected, adding that the uncle reminded him of his grandfather.

"Even though he was a stranger, he made me realise that it is possible to be kind and loving to others."

The uncle's rojak stall can be found in front of Bestmart on Jalan Nusa Bestari 2 2/1 in Taman Nusa Bestari, Skudai.

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