[VIDEO] Johor Authorities Brave Floods To Rescue Stranded Animals

Despite the danger, these heroes braved the weather to save these adorable creatures.

Cover image via Bojod Azmi/Facebook , Royal Police Malaysia/Facebook , Johor Fire and Rescue Department/Facebook

Over 9,000 Johor residents have been evacuated from their homes due to severe flash floods since last week

The Star reported that the states of Mersing, Kota Tinggi, Kluang, Segamat, Pontian, Batu Pahat, Kulai, Johor Baru, and Muar were affected by continuous rainfall.

While the authorities have been busy helping flood victims, they did not disregard pets and farm animals that were at risk of drowning.

One of the latest incidents happened on 14 December when a Simpang Renggam District Council (MDSR) civil servant saved a stranded dog at a palm oil plantation in Renggam

A video capturing Azmi Matar braving through a flooded field to save a dog that was tied to a small shelter went viral on Facebook. 

At the time of writing, it had garnered over 10,000 shares.

Speaking to SAYS, Azmi said he discovered the dog when he and two of his friends were heading to flooded areas to help victims

The 34-year-old, who is also a bodybuilder, said he heard a dog barking while they were on the road.

Once he spotted the dog, he decided to rescue the dog.

"I did not think much other than wanting to save the dog because the water was rising," Azmi told SAYS. 

"I pitied the dog because it was making noises."

He spent five minutes wading to the middle of the flooded field to save the dog, before feeding it with some bread and water

Azmi related that the dog was standing on a piece of wood, which was just enough to lift its head above the water.

According to him, the dog would have drowned if the piece of wood was not around.

After waiting five minutes to ensure the dog was safe and healthy, Azmi left the scene to help other flood victims.

Watch the video here:

operasi brjaya menyelamatkn 1 nyawa..dh taw musim hujan musim2 bnjir ap punya bingai tuan punye anjing xtaw la ge ikat anjing 2...mmg anjing punye tuan anjing..

Posted by Bojod Azmi on Sunday, December 15, 2019

Other than the heartwarming rescue by Azmi, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), too, saved a dog in Kampung Jawa, Kota Tinggi

PDRM shared a photo of the incident in a Facebook post, commending Constable Jeery Juhari from Kota Tinggi District Police Headquarters for his effort.

"Other than helping the local residents, placing pets and farm animals in a safe location is also part of the responsibilities of the rescue team," PDRM wrote in the caption.

The post, published on 15 December, went viral with over 7,000 reactions.

Many netizens have praised the police for their sense of duty.

"God created all things (living and breathing)... including animals and wildlife. So it's our duty to protect them as well. Thank [you], sir, for helping the helpless," one comment read.

Another netizen wrote: "Salute bro. No matter what it is, as long as it is a creature of Allah, we have to help save them. Hope that all (the victims' situation) will turn better."

A photo of a firefighter saving two cats using a kitchen food cover was also widely circulated on social media

Johor Fire and Rescue Department shared the picture on its Facebook page, describing it as the "picture of the day".

Johor firefighters also saved four large buffaloes that were stranded in Kampung Genuang Baru, Segamat on 15 December

Image via China Press

China Press reported that the department faced a challenge while moving these large animals to safety.

10 firefighters were deployed to the scene and spent over one hour to save the buffaloes, which weigh over 550kg each.

Thank you for saving the animals, our heroes!

Image via Tenor

Last week, a group of marine biology students saved a stranded dolphin in Terengganu:

Earlier this year, a laundrette went viral for sheltering stray dogs:

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