Johor Policeman To Be Given A Letter Of Commendation For His Honesty Before Hari Raya

The policeman who tore up a RM20 note after a bribery attempt by a motorist, will be rewarded.

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Last month, pictures of a policeman tearing a RM20 note after a bribery attempt by a motorist was circulated on social media

No escaping th e law: An image showing the man being issued a summons by the policeman.

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One of the images showed the man being issued a summons by the policeman while another showed a torn RM20 note, together with the driver’s IC and his driver’s licence on the police car. According to the comments posted under the photographs, the driver had allegedly tried to bribe the policeman with the money while recording the act on his handphone.

He then issued a summons to the driver after tearing the RM20 note as he was angry with him for wanting to record the act

A torn RM20 note together with the driver’s red IC and his driver’s licence.

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Federal Traffic chief Senior Asst Comm Mohd Fuad Abdul Latiff said the man should lodge a report if he was not pleased with the action of the policeman. “He can lodge a report and let us investigate the case,” he said after flagging off a motorcycle convoy at Masjid Negara here to Dataran Tanjung Mas, Muar, as part of a road safety campaign.

SAC Mohd Fuad also noted that the driver had committed an offence by trying to bribe the policeman. “For me, if he makes a report, what is he supposed to write in the report? He was trying to bribe a police officer. That is an offence,” he said, adding that although the act of tearing up the money was not wrong, the officer should not have done it.

Now, the corporal from Johor would be given a letter of commendation for his honesty before Hari Raya, Federal traffic police chief Senior Asst Comm Mohd Fuad Abdul Latiff said

Federal traffic police chief Senior Asst Comm Mohd Fuad Abdul Latiff

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While he did not condone the act of tearing up money, SAC Mohd Fuad explained that the corporal became agitated after the motorist insisted on passing him the cash. “I have received a report on the incident. The corporal witnessed a traffic violation and proceeded to issue a summons but the motorist kept insisting he take the money and cancel the ticket. That’s when the corporal got agitated and tore up the money.”

Meanwhile, commenting on the Jalan Imbi-Jalan Pudu sinkhole meme of Marvel characters Thor and Loki asking a traffic police officer: 'Apa Macam? Nak settle?, SAC Mohd Fuad said it was "very upsetting"

On July 2, a section of the busy intersection caved in, leading to sinkhole memes flooding the social media. He admitted that general public perception was that whenever a traffic police officer stops a motorist, it was to negotiate a bribe.

He said corruption had given the force a bad image. “For years, there’s been the negative perception that we are on the take. “I want to erase this perception and restore public confidence so I urge the public not to bribe my men because you could end up being apprehended. “I am serious about this,” he warned, adding that his target was to achieve zero corruption.

From 2011 to 2013, a total of 165 officers has faced disciplinary action for corruption

Admitting that there were probably many more unreported cases, SAC Mohd Fuad said no corruption reports were lodged against his men so far this year. There are a total of 5,693 traffic officers nationwide.

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